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Real-time tax
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Real-time tax calculations for your clients’ tax planning

IRIS Elements SmartTax reduces the time it takes to complete the most basic tax planning through real-time tax calculations, allowing you to create ‘what-if’ scenarios with ease. It also helps to spot potential errors in the data entry by surfacing anomalies in the tax calculation early in the process enabling more successful submissions to HMRC and error reduction.

With IRIS Elements SmartTax being visible in your existing IRIS Personal Tax product you can reap the benefits today and being in the cloud you can be confident all the latest HMRC updates will automatically be reflected without you ever having to do anything.

What’s included?

  • Real-time tax calculations

    IRIS Elements SmartTax reduces the time it takes to run a tax calculation with a simple, user-friendly calculator, always visible through your IRIS Personal Tax product.

    • The latest tax calculation at your fingertips – no clicks required.
    • Run a tax calculation in under a second.
    • Time is money and SmartTax helps you maximise your profitability by reducing the time it takes to carry out basic tax calculations.
  • Simple and efficient ‘what if’ scenarios

    The SmartTax feature gets to work as soon as any changes are made to the clients tax information, showing the real-time changes to their tax liability and allowing you to plan for different outcomes.

    • Rapid Tax planning reflecting any changes to data entry in a simple and visible tax calculator.
    • Cloud processing allows you to continue completing your clients’ return without interruption.
    • Easy scenario planning for different outcomes make the most of your time whilst adding value to your client relationship.
  • Compliance with ease

    As SmartTax is run from our cloud-based IRIS Elements platform and not from your computer, the tax calculation will always reflect the latest updates from HMRC.

    • Confidence in your compliance with automatic updates in the background to tax calculation.
    • No downloads required once SmartTax has been installed and switched on.
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Why choose IRIS Elements SmartTax software

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    Tax calculations instantaneously reflect the impact of that latest data entry.

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    Tax planning

    What-if scenarios are easier to calculate giving you more opportunity to deliver valuable insights to your clients.

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    Available in IRIS Personal Tax today as a window into the future of IRIS Elements.

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    Faster updates

    As our SmartTax service is hosted on our cloud-based IRIS Elements platform you leave the updates to us.

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