IRIS Expenses+

Reduce expenses spend by up to 20% with IRIS Expenses+, powered by Allocate SelenityExpenses.

IRIS Expenses +

Managing staff and company processes is a complex affair. IRIS Expenses+ enables you to take control of expenses to spend within your organisation through easy-access policies and financial data analysis for cost-saving initiatives; it’s expenses management’s best friend.

Reduce expenses with self-service Expenses+

Expenses+ can be configured to match the setup and policies your organisation has in place, including claimable item types and expense limits. These claims can then be sent to the relevant authorities for approval, and warnings will show when an employee hasn’t followed a policy.
  • Completely configurable and built around your expenses policy.
  • Schedule and run reports automatically using the bespoke report builder, or simply by selecting one of over 120 built-in reports.
  • Flags and limits ensure that your company’s expenses policy is adhered to, and that any discrepancies are quickly and efficiently dealt with.
  • 24/7 access through the intuitive mobile app enables employees to record, submit and approve expenses wherever and whenever.
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How can Expenses+ help?

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Expenses+ can be built around your expenses policy; whether it’s claimable items or workflows and approvals, it’s designed to do what you need it to.

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Capitalise on your data with automatic reporting, and the option to create your own bespoke report, or select from over 120 that are already built in.

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Validate your employees’ journeys using GPS tracking, it’s as simple as hitting start and stop.

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Manage the recording and verification of vehicle and license documentation, with handy alerts when expiry dates are due.

Key Features

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Configurable expenses policy within Expenses

With Expenses+, you’re able to mould the software around your expenses policy – not the other way round. Whether it’s claimable items, workflows or approvals, you can configure Expenses+ to be exactly what your business needs.

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In-depth data at your fingertips

Every business needs data to drive initiatives, and within HR it’s no different. IRIS Expenses+ is able to provide bespoke reports and in-depth analysis of how expenses are being used throughout your organisation, and where savings can made.

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Accessible any time, anywhere

With 24/7 access and an intuitive mobile app, employees are empowered to record, submit and approve company expenses whenever and wherever.

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Pay out on the right route

IRIS Expenses+ features journey validation, ensuring that you’re only paying mileage for the miles that were actually driven.

Get started with IRIS Expenses+

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  • How do I find support for this software?

    We have a dedicated support section on this website. We also have live chat and a dedicated support telephone number: Support contact numbers.

  • Is this software compliant?

    Assurance and compliance are the primary services of any firm, practice, business or organisation. We understand that you rely on software solutions to get it right, every time – no compromise. Speak to us and find out why IRIS are the leaders in compliant software; call 0344 844 9644.

  • How do I buy this software?

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