When bookkeeping software does not meet your complex VAT cases, our bridging software enables you to make VAT submissions to HMRC with ease and helps you comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD) mandates.

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IRIS VAT Filer is the ideal option for customers looking for a quick and easy solution that meets the challenge of Making Tax Digital. IRIS VAT Filer imports values from various sources and submits them to HMRC, enabling quick and easy compliance with Making Tax Digital.

What IRIS VAT Filer can do for you:

MTD requires records to be maintained digitally and for VAT figures to be submitted to HMRC via specialised APIs. The easiest way to comply with this is to use bookkeeping software such as KashFlow, which allows for the digital records to be maintained and values to be submitted directly to HMRC. But in some scenarios, bookkeeping software is not a viable option. Under the new regulations, HMRC will not permit data being rekeyed from one product to another.

The HMRC online portal currently used for submitting VAT returns is not MTD compliant. Therefore, it cannot be used for businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold.
  • Quickly and easily import the required VAT values for submitting to HMRC for compliance with Making Tax Digital.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for data entry – none is required.
  • Pull client details directly from the central database.
  • Connect to HMRC to retrieve a client’s VAT obligations, submissions, payments and liabilities.

IRIS Integrated VAT Filer solution is available to all existing subscribers of the IRIS Accountancy Suite – you just need to activate your licence.

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IRIS VAT Filer provides instant solutions for:

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Making VAT submissions when bookkeeping software cannot support your complex VAT cases

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Importing directly from KashFlow, Xero, Spreadsheets and CSV

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Connecting with IRIS OpenSpace for easy communication with clients and instant approval

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Tracking progress of each VAT submission using Job Profiles, thanks to integration with IRIS Practice Management

Benefits of IRIS VAT Filer

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Fully integrated

VAT submissions are easy and efficient thanks to integration with the IRIS central client database, saving you from having to recreate clients. IRIS Practice Management is also fully integrated, allowing you to track progress of each VAT submission using Job Profiles. IRIS Integrated VAT Filer is available to all existing subscribers of the IRIS Accountancy Suite – you just need to activate your licence. 

The VAT Filer functionality is also available as a standalone version. It is available to practices using any compliance software and corporate customers who make their own VAT submissions.

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Quick and easy

VAT submissions are quick and easy with IRIS OpenSpace enabling easy communication with clients and instant approval, which is extremely important when approaching deadlines.

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Single, simple workflow

IRIS VAT Filer allows you to view and track all VAT submissions across all clients in one place. VAT-registered businesses with a turnover below the VAT threshold can also voluntarily join MTD and be included in this simple process. 

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Connects automatically to HMRC

IRIS VAT Filer automatically connects to HMRC and retrieves client data such as previous submissions made under MTD, current VAT obligations, liabilities due and payments already made, making it much easier for you to keep track of your clients’ submissions, payments and any amounts outstanding.

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