IRIS Autumn 2022 full features v22.3


The IRIS Accountancy Suite Autumn release version 22.3 includes legislative updates to ensure your ongoing compliance including updates to MTD (Making Tax Digital) functionality, in anticipation of HMRC widening their MTD pilot criteria. Plus, enhancements based upon your feedback, such as including the ability to drill into the Exception Report in the Interactive Accounts.   

IRIS Accounts Production

Exception Report becomes fully Interactive 

Following feedback from customers and continuing with the drive to make the preparation of accounts more intuitive.  As part of this release, when using the Interactive Report, we have made any items included in the Exception Report drillable.  The Exception Report contains items that would typically prevent you from being able to electronically submit the appropriate accounts for Limited Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships to Companies House or HMRC. 

Using a Limited company as an example by clicking on the Interactive Report menu button from the tool bar and generating the “LTD” report, if there are any exceptions, they will appear in a separate Exception Report tab.  By viewing the tab, the exception(s) will be shown and highlighted by a red box with a pencil in the top left-hand corner of each box.  By clicking the pencil this will open the underlying Data Screen, once complete the Data Screen can be closed, if needed the next exception can be resolved.  The report can then be refreshed using the refresh button to view the effects of all changes made. 

This feature will save you considerable time compared to searching through specific data screens to clear the appropriate exceptions or clicking in and out of reports to resolve exceptions. 

Inclusion of Executors 

For Sole Trade and unincorporated Partnership formats we have updated the Client Approval Data Screen by including a new free form box for a reference to executor(s) or administrator(s) that will allow you to include an appropriate title in respect of a deceased person(s). 

IRIS Personal Tax

Making Tax Digital 

In previous releases of IRIS, we have seen the delivery of the end-to-end journey for Sole trades, UK and foreign property, this enabled all taxpayers to complete all in year obligations for any of these sources as well as completing the end of year declarations.  

In this release of IRIS, we continue in our mission to deliver all functionality captured by MTD, for this release we have update the digital tax hub with the ability to update HMRC on the handling of brought forward losses, retrieval and reconciliation of Employment income held by HMRC and any individual state benefits claimed by the taxpayer.  

We have implemented these additional sources in anticipation of HMRC widening their MTD pilot criteria.  

We start to see the holistic solution of MTD come together in the IRIS Personal tax solution. 

If you and your practice are interested in joining the MTD pilot please contact us on This is a huge opportunity to engage with us and HMRC directly while learning the MTD process.  

Legislation updates

  • Class 4 NIC lower profit limit update from £9,880 to £11,908 for tax year 2023 (£12,570 2024) 
  • Class 2 NIC small profit threshold update to £11,908 
  • Exclusions updates – warnings added where individuals encounter specific criteria 

Resolved issues

  • P11d – Address field for all clients empty on page 1 of P11db where font ‘Cambria’ is selected  
  • Trust tax estates in administration – £1 c/fwd showing on the worksheet 

IRIS Business Tax

Legislation updates

The government announced that the increase in AIA limit of £1,000,000 would be extended to the 31st March 2023 as well as a rate change for S455 tax to 33.75% however HMRC did not release to corresponding schemas, which resulted in returns with either of the below situations being rejected: 

  • Limited company with a 12-month accounting period straddling 01/04/2022 and claiming AIA greater than £200,000 
  • Limited company with a 12-monht accounting period straddling 01/04/2022 with a new loan outstanding resulting in a s455 charge 

However, in this release of IRIS we have updated the schema to allow for these situations to now be successfully submitted to HMRC.  

Resolved issues

  • RDEC payable tax credit resulting in a 1p difference on box L125 CT600(L)
  •   The amount in box (N1.19) must equal the amount in box (1.39). The sum of all occurrences of box (n2.19) must equal the amount in box (N1.19)  
  • CT600 – Incorrect b/fwd NTLRD where losses are surrendered to a group company  


Hidden staff members marked as no-longer employed 

As part of our drive to improve the overall user experience, we have made changes to the staff browser to hide staff members that are marked as No Longer employed by default. This simple change allows you to see all your current and relevant staff members without having to sift through old records.