IRIS Keytime Summer 2021 release

We are delighted to announce the Summer 2021 release of our software for Accountants.

Please note that before you can install this version, you must have installed version 20.1.0 or later.

To check the version, open any Keytime module, select the Help menu and select About.

If you have a version earlier than can download and install 20.1.0 from here where you will also find instructions on how to install.

Corporation Tax

Budget 2021 sees the introduction of the 130% super-deduction and 50% special rate allowance for expenditure incurred on or after 1 April 2021.

Program and corporation tax computation updated to cater for Share Loss Relief.

Personal Tax

Updated to cater for the latest HMRC 2020/21 online filing Specials and Exclusions.

Latest 2020/21 versions of forms R185 included in this release.

This release also provides you with solutions to several issues reported since the last release.