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Submission error 3001 sending RTI returns

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Submission error 3001 sending RTI returns

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6th October 2020


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RTI submission is rejected with the message:

Business Error 3001 the submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific logic in the body tag


This is a generic message generated by HMRC indicating ONLY that the submission has been rejected.

These types of errors usually occur when a field in your submission has an invalid data entry, ie. text in a number field, the wrong number of decimal places, an incorrect date format. They can also be caused by account issues with HMRC gateway service.

Usually, when a submission is rejected by HMRC with a 3001 error it is accompanied with further information about which data field their system has a problem with. This should tell you why the submission has been rejected, however, some of these messages can be difficult to interpret.

MUL 3001 1 | Submission error 3001 sending RTI returns
Here we have an example of an FPS rejected with error 3001. Accompanying this is the reason why it was rejected; error 7806. In this case, the problem was caused when the payroll agent making the submission had not been authorised by the client with HRMC.

Please carry out a new KB search for the further rejection code/message if one does show with the generic 3001 error.

Otherwise please contact our support teams for assistance, click here for support contact details.

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