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Error 94 - Invalid use of Null

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Error 94 - Invalid use of Null
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8th December 2016
IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business

When opening a company user gets the error message:

'Error 94 - Invalid use of Null'


You will need to run a utility from the Admin mode of the software.

When you start the program login using the admin login details (the default admin login details are Name: SYSTEM Password: admin. If these details do not work the admin password has been changed by someone on site.) Once logged into the admin mode:

• Go to “File” > “Run Utility

• On the next window select “Null Killer” from the drop down menu and click “OK

• On the next window tick the company affected by the error in the list and click “Fix“.

• Wait for the process to finish. This could take several minutes. Click OK on the message: “Finished Successfully”

• The error is now corrected, restart payroll and log in as normal.

If the utility fails to complete or does not resolve the issue please contact our support team for further assistance. Click here for contact details.

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