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VAT Filer- HttpStatus: Forbidden

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VAT Filer- HttpStatus: Forbidden

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6th February 2024




IRIS VAT Filer- HttpStatus: Forbidden


This is a HMRC warning and not from IRIS – it usually means the HMRC server has had technical issues which may randomly affect a specific client OR all clients.


Try this workaround: Load the client and click ‘unfinalise’, reimport the same values in again and finalise and submit again. Some users reported this worked. Other users have also reported when they tried later it didn’t show up the warning.

If you get the same warning then read this KB and follow all the steps to try and fix it.

If the KB steps do not work then it could be a HMRC technical issue and you would need to call HMRC and speak to a senior or try again later.

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