Online Filing Issues

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Unable to communicate with Government Gateway

Web Browser Advanced Settings

Please Note: IRIS Support cannot advise you on the effects of these setting on your local PC / Network. If you are at all unsure about these settings you should refer to your IT support.

These instructions releate to Microsoft Internet Explorer, for other web browsers please contact your IT support.

Open Internet Explorer, click on the cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner

adIEsetting 1 | Online Filing Issues

Click on “Internet Options”

On the Options window you need to go into “Advanced”

adIEsetting2 1 | Online Filing Issues

Scroll down the “Settings” list until you get to the security options.

Make sure the options:

“Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”

and “Check for server certificate revocation”

are both unticked.

adIEsetting3 1 | Online Filing Issues

Please Note: If you are unable to change these options you will need to log into Windows as the administrator. Please refer to your IT support.

Restart your PC and try the submission again

If this doesn’t resolve your connection issues please check the details below.

Error 1046 / Authentication error

This is one of the most common errors when trying to file online. This is  caused by having incorrect information entered in your payroll software.

Unable to receive a valid response

If you have recently been unable to send a return online to HMRC, this issue may be caused by an out of date / corrupt security certificate on your PC.

Other connection issues

In this section we detail other environmental issues that can prevent correct communication to the HMRC.