PTP Winter 2021 Full Features v21.4


Our PTP Suite Winter release version 21.4.25 includes all legislative updates to ensure your ongoing compliance as well as some new features and enhancements, including improved security and performance for VAT Filer, and the resolution of outstanding issues. 

PTP Accounts Production (v21.4.171)

Audit Report update

In August 2021 the FRC issued a Bulletin for the Illustrative Auditor’s Report, that became effective for accounting periods commencing after 1st February 2020 with filing due after 31st December 2020.

To ensure you remain compliant in this area we have implemented the new prescribed wording for Detecting Irregularities Data Screen section of the Auditors’ Responsibilities for Audit of Financial Statements. If the Audit report is dated prior to 1st December 2021 then the older wording will be employed.

However, if the audit report is dated after 1st December 2021 then the revised wording will be used. For whatever the reason should you wish to still refer the old wording it is possible to utilise this from Old Legislation section of the Data Screens.

PTP Tax Platform (v21.4.25)

Latest HMRC Online Filing Exclusions

Updated to include the latest HMRC Online Filing Exclusions (for Individuals). 

PTP VAT Filer (v21.4.0.6)

Improved security – protected clients

PTP VAT Filer already includes an enhanced security feature that mandates user log in. We have now added a feature to enable you to protect sensitive clients. While using the enhanced security a new ‘Protected’ option has been added to the Client Details form to allow you to hide selected clients from other users. Whilst logged in to PTP VAT Filer the protected client is automatically associated with your user details and will therefore not be visible to other users. 

Refined performance and validations leading to reduced HMRC errors 

We have refined the number of calls made to the HMRC APIs by regulating the automatic date parameters, to make the whole data retrieval process more efficient. This means that the automatic call will be limited to once a day per client (with the Refresh option available to make any required calls on request) and the automatic request based on date parameters will be limited to the current date and the previous 12 months. Consequently, we have added a new feature to allow you to request historic obligation periods, if needed. 

We have also introduced automatic validation of the VAT Registration Number format to reduce errors of this nature. 

PC Share Register (V21.4.3)

The release includes the following enhancements: 

  • eFiling of Dormant Accounts (Companies House Form AA02) 
  • an option to view the XML when e-filing Form CS01 
  • additional validation and checking when importing a new company from Companies House 

The following issues have been resolved: 

  • incorrect Directors/PSC on a company after importing from CH 
  • PSC Forms cannot be accessed in the Filing Action Reminders for LLPs 
  • printed Register of PSC Statements appearing without ceased dates if outside date range 
  • reduced file sizes for printed Forms AA02, DS01 & LL DS01 

Note: The 21.4.3 release was made available on the 16th November 2021.