Aligning your practice’s people strategy within the legal sector

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The legal sector bounced back strongly from the pandemic and is now poised for continued growth!*

It is the largest sector that has seen employees return to the office after the pandemic – but with many other sectors offering flexible working, is this something your employees want?

Is your HR listening to your employees? Retaining talent is crucial, but so is attracting talent and having a good end-to-end onboarding process for new recruits.

So, it is critical that you align your practice’s people strategy with an HRIS digital footprint.

Join us as we explore key HR themes that are resonating with our HCM legal sector customers.

Topics that will be covered:

➼ War for talent – we explore how a digital attraction and onboarding platform can expand your talent pool and boost your company image.

➼ The big return to the office or hybrid working? Does it matter?

➼ The role of HR in the legal sector – admin expert or strategic partner?

➼ An integrated HRIS digital footprint – futureproof your HRIS technology roadmap.

➼ Build in resilience – when to embrace technology and when to outsource.

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*State of the UK Legal Market 2022, Thomson Reuters Institute.

Webinar details:
Duration: 1 hour
Caroline Gammon – HCM Market Specialist
Richard Youngman – Head of Client Relations – Networx Recruitment
Jo Graham – HRIS Systems and MI Specialist – Slaughter and May

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