Streamline Your Onboarding with AML and Proposal Management

About this webinar:

AML is an essential part of life for accountants and bookkeepers.

In recent times, we’ve heard more from professional bodies cracking down and issuing fines on lax policies and procedures across professional services. But it doesn’t have to be complex or eat into your chargeable time.

The demo will show you:

➼  A brief overview of IRIS Elements
➼  Client and firmwide risk assessment templates that can be customised by your practice
➼  Centralised store for all a firm’s policies and procedures
➼  Actionable dashboards and reminders
➼  Prospect onboarding process
➼  Suspicious activity recording
➼  Comprehensive ID and business checks and reporting

Learn how IRIS Elements AML can deliver practice-wide AML compliance in a straightforward, accessible way.

We’ll also demo our integrated Proposal Management system which helps you standardise your proposals, build pricing models, personalise your branding and leverage our templates.


Steve Murray
Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Elizabeth Carter
Product Marketing Manager & Elements Specialist, IRIS Software Group