The difference between hosting and cloud hosting

Over the last decade, with powerful computers, hosting has become smarter. Now, instead of being limited to physical computers, cloud hosting lets your software and files live on the internet.

This way, you and your team can access everything anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. No more outdated file versions. You get real-time collaboration with tools like Microsoft 365, making work more efficient and always up-to-date.

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Why are accountants and bookkeepers moving to cloud hosting?

  • Adaptability: Cloud hosting manages busy workloads, allowing capacity increases without extra hardware costs.
  • Mobility: Supports hybrid work models, enabling secure work from any location.
  • Collaboration: Enhances teamwork and real-time document collaboration, even remotely.
  • Security: Provides robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring team and data safety.
  • Data Protection: Offers advanced features like encrypted emails and multi-factor authentication for secure information sharing. 

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Choosing Cloud Hosting Services

Discover how cloud hosting can super-charge your accountancy or bookkeeping business. Learn about different types of cloud hosting and their impact on security, performance, scalability, and budget.

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What types of cloud hosting are there?

Not all cloud hosting services are the same, and this can be confusing.

The main difference is whether the solution is private cloud, public cloud or something in between.

  • Private cloud – the infrastructure is owned by an organisation and housed in a  data centre
  • Public cloud – the resources such as servers and storage are owned and operated by a third party and delivered over the internet
  • Hybrid cloud – a mixture of on-premises and public cloud
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Benefits of cloud hosting for accountants

Accountants are increasingly turning to hosting solutions not only for their accounting software but also for their wider business applications.

  • Peace of mind

    With hosting, you can be sure your software is always up to date, reducing the need for in-house IT expertise.

  • Security

    Cloud hosting comes with built-in resilience and security, protecting your sensitive data and company reputation.

  • Integrity

    A fully hosted environment means your team are working from the latest, most up-to-date documents and data.

  • Performance

    Your team can work remotely, making better use of their time with stable anytime, anywhere availability.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered about cloud hosting for accountancy firms.

Cloud hosting for accounting software revolutionises accounting activities compared to the traditional method of having software on local computers and servers.

Hosting accountancy and other business software ensures real-time team collaboration and secure remote access any time and anywhere with an internet connection.

Unlike local hardware, cloud hosting also gives you the flexibility to increase capacity when needed and software that is kept up to date with maximum uptime.

Opting for cloud servers to host desktop accounting software brings numerous benefits:

  • Access your accounting apps and business software 24/7 (with internet connection).
  • Reduced costs for operations and maintenance.
  • Simplified installation and regular updates.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Continuous support from cloud hosting experts.

For Accounting software cloud hosting, you need to engage a cloud solution provider who can provide hosting to match your business needs. It could be you just want to host a single software such as payroll, or maybe you want a fully remote desktop with all your accounting and business software in the hosted environment.

Find a solution that is flexible enough to work with your needs now and in the future

To initiate cloud hosting for your accounting software, you should engage with a cloud solution provider to explore suitable hosting packages tailored to your specific software needs. Verito offers diverse customisable hosting plans to meet varied client requirements.

Yes, generally, any modern Windows-based software will work on cloud hosted platform. Some old applications may not be suitable, but this should be discussed with your provider at the scoping stage.

Accounting software hosting providers use SSD-based high-performance cloud servers, ensuring a rapid computing experience with a guarantee of uptime. This means your work will be uninterrupted and free from delays.

Yes, cloud hosting offers the flexibility of multi-device compatibility. This allows you to manage your accounting tasks on different devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, enabling you to work efficiently from anywhere.

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