How do you select the right practice management software for accounting firms?

Search for a system which tackles your firm’s challenges (short and long-term) and integrates with your existing systems to create a single source of truth.

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Why is practice management software so important?

Without centralised systems, the day-to-day running of a practice becomes incredibly cumbersome. 

Practice management software ensures firms can digitally track the status of specific tasks and identify the team members assigned to each client, providing a streamlined and organised approach.

How to choose the right practice management solutions 

Good accounting practice management software must support your practice in all its key areas. When examining options, consider the following areas: 

  • Understand your requirements 

    Your business plan shapes the type of software you need.

    Evaluate your current workflow and communication processes to project how the chosen software aligns with your operations.

    To safeguard any future eventualities, look for scalable solutions that can be continually adjusted to your evolving needs.

  • Identify current bottlenecks

    Practice management systems are most effective when strategically applied to address specific pain points.

    For instance, if you spend excessive time on non-billable work like client proposals or onboarding, proposal management software can eliminate associated admin tasks.

    Reflect on challenges and seek appropriate solutions.

  • Check credentials and support

    When searching for the best fit, assess what others say about the software.

    Consult peers, seek customer testimonials and visit review sites.

    Usability is crucial, especially for those less tech-savvy, so free trials provide an excellent way to ensure the software suits your needs.

  • Seek software integration 

    The best practice management software seamlessly integrates into your firm, ensuring easy linkage with all your systems.

    This integration means that any modifications made in your Accounts Production Software automatically update in the practice management software.

  • Focus on Compliance 

    Compliance is a top priority when selecting the right software.

    Your practice management software should not only be up-to-date with current legislation but also receive consistent updates to stay in line with any changes.

Practice management software 101 

Efficiently managing workflows and tasks is vital, which is why good cloud-based practice management software must be a priority.  But with various options available, how do you determine which one suits you best? Our handy guide walks you through the fundamentals of cloud practice management software.

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Find the perfect accountancy practice management system

With demands pulling you from every direction, it can be tough to truly focus on the value-added work which matters. At IRIS we understand the pressure placed on you in your day-to-day, which is why we create software as individual as you are. 

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