5 ways smarter technology is transforming how schools work

TCG1 | 5 ways smarter technology is transforming how schools work
By Lucy Newman | 25th November 2021 | 3 min read

Education has already undergone major transformation since the beginning of the 21st Century. What used to take place in textbooks and on paper, now takes place online. Libraries have largely been replaced by Google. And since the onset of the pandemic, the teacher's traditional method of teaching in a physical classroom has had to become digital.

So, with all this in mind, how is technology transforming the running of schools? From data to admin, and even parent-teacher communications. Find out here.

1. Technology keeps things simple

In days gone by there were a myriad of different processes schools used to keep on top of their school management. From paper forms that often disappeared into the bottom of a bag to red marks in a register, the old ways kept data out of the hands of the people who needed it. From parent engagement platforms to cloud-based management information systems (MIS), smarter tech keeps things simple. The best technology is easy to use, with seamless interfaces and cloud-based tools to update information wherever, whenever.

2. Technology means better data and better decisions

Smarter technology is all about getting the right data to the right people at the right time. From real-time data improving the accuracy of registrations, to absences and detentions, and spotting troubling patterns quickly, technology helps you make more timely interventions and get better results for pupils. What’s more, by sharing data across the community you can improve engagement with everyone from parents to teachers.

3. Technology saves schools money

Schools and MATs across the country are looking for ways to cut down on expenses without compromising their core offering. Technology can do that. In the past schools might have used multiple systems with their own licenses and teams. Next-generation technology, like cloud-based MIS, help free up time, staff, and funds.

4. Technology gives teachers their time back

Legacy technology can be clunky, taking forever to use and often creating more work than it’s worth, while new regulations are a constant drain on teachers’ ever-dwindling time. Smart technology does away with all that. Cloud-based systems offer internal messengers, planners, and registrations to help make the job simple while tools like voice-to-text dictation save time and remove the pain of term-end reporting. Finally, live notifications mean no more needless notes, errands or calls, freeing up teachers from time-consuming admin and letting them get back to what's important: teaching.

5. Technology is helping schools stay connected

Technology helps build better connections between MATs, schools, educators, teachers, parents and pupils. For example, accessing easy-to-use, cloud-based school financial software helps your staff take control of finances while parents can make simple online payments, making everyone’s lives easier. Giving a more in-depth view of data also helps educators form better insights, make smarter decisions, and ultimately reach smarter outcomes. As well as keeping track of finances, schools can also use cloud technology to make the management of school assets easier and more effective for everyone involved.

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