Why parents need the MyEd school app from IRIS Engage

Untitled design 46 | Why parents need the MyEd school app from IRIS Engage
By Toby Lester | 21st February 2020 | 8 min read

It served us faithfully for many years, but the humble paper letter is dying off. When it comes to school communication, sending a letter home is plain old-fashioned compared to the digital alternative. A letter is just a letter, and nothing more; however, digital apps can include a swiss army knife of parent engagement features.

That’s why more and more schools are turning to digital apps to manage their home-school communication, such as MyEd.

All-in-one communication

Parents can access all the information they need and want about their child’s school life in the palm of their hand thanks to the MyEd app.

You’d need to send a letter home of encyclopedic proportions to cram in as much information as you can fit in a smartphone. Considering how easily letters home are lost to the endless abyss that is a child’s schoolbag, this isn’t an option; the paper costs alone would be extortionate.

Always up to date

Parents can keep up to date with school news, key dates and the latest happenings as and when they happen. Schools often publish the following to the MyEd app:

  • Sporting results
  • Examination information
  • School events, such as fetes
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Changes to policies

With MyEd, you can deliver these important school communications straight into the hands of busy parents, ensuring they don’t get ignored.

Student updates

Parents can see the latest updates on their children’s school activity, including their academic and pastoral achievement. This is invaluable to parents and offers them unique insight into their child’s school day.

You can even upload student timetables directly from compatible school management system, so parents are always kept in the loop without you having to lift a finger.

“I think this is a great app. Keeps me up to date with my daughter’s education, her lessons and we can communicate via the app with reasons for lateness or absence. It’s very easy to use and I can see what lessons she has on her timetable. Fab!” – A happy MyEd parent

The MyEd app also opens the possibility of advanced absence monitoring, as it’s easy to find out where absent children are and the reasons for their absence by messaging the child’s parents.

Be inclusive with in-app messaging

Because messages can be pushed directly to the app, schools never need pay for text messages again, significantly reducing contact costs and enabling more points of contact. It’s like teleporting a printed letter directly into their pockets.

MyEd even includes instantaneous translation to over 40 languages! This lets you bring parents into the school culture that otherwise could be excluded.

Unlock pain-free payments

The MyEd app integrates with +Pay, enabling parents to make payments to schools without the need for cash. Parents can choose between PayPal, Visa Debit, Visa Credit and cash with PayPoint, so it’s easier than ever for them to make school payments.

Parents use +Pay to pay for:

  • School trips
  • Clubs
  • Meals
  • Equipment
  • Uniform

+Pay is also the best way to reduce parent arrears. You can set up low-balance reminders and arrears-chasing messages, reducing your administration needs.

These are just some of the many feature available with the MyEd app – want to know more? We’d love to have a chat and give you a free demonstration. Visit the website now and get in touch for your free overview of everything IRIS Engage and the MyEd app have to offer.