Three reasons to choose Every HR by IRIS

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By Anthony Wolny | 30th August 2023 | 5 min read

With vacancies rising, staff wellbeing on the decline and leaders struggling to compile meaningful insights, people management is more important than ever before.

Thankfully, our HR software, Every by IRIS, is here to make things easier.

It’s a one-stop-shop for people management, bringing everything into a flexible, powerful and scalable solution.

Every HR by IRIS helps keep you on the ball, reassure Ofsted of compliance with legislation and provide the real-time data needed to inform major strategic decisions.

Here are three key reasons we think Every HR by IRIS is perfect for any education setting.

1) Provide a single source of truth

Up-to-date, centralised data is essential for any school or MAT.

Imagine what happens if a staff member's salary details haven’tbeen updated across your systems! They could be paid an incorrect amount or receive their salary late.

When things go wrong, that’s a valued worker out of pocket during a cost-of-living crisis.

If these HR hiccups continue, without a doubt, they’ll look to a school or trust which has its act together, or even potentially look to leave the education sector.

Teachers are leaving at the highest rate in four years, and while payroll errors aren’t the leading cause, they certainly won’t help the situation.

Remember, it is far cheaper to retain rather than recruit.

According to recent research, as many as 20% of UK workers have changed jobs because of poor payroll management.

Perhaps that’s not the problem.

Maybe the issue is that Ofsted has just told you inspectors are coming tomorrow, and you have to scramble to dig out all your records and make them presentable.

With such short notice and documents scattered across the trust, it’s unlikely you’ll make the impact you hoped.

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A single source of truth for transparency, support and intervention

Here’s the good news: the Transforming Lives Educational Trust told us Ofsted praised records held on Every by IRIS on two separate visits.

Whether you need a helicopter view or a data drill-down, Every HR by IRIS has you covered.

Our Single Central Record (SCR) shows that you take every detail seriously, with the ability to quickly create accurate DfE-ready reports, including your school workforce census.

Additionally, the SCR informs you when checks haven’t been completed or have expired, so you can quickly action changes to be compliant with the click of a button.

Watch your back

Do you have data gaps? Every HR by IRIS lets you know.

The software flags expiring records and checks for holes in your employee information, helping you get things right and keep them that way.

Meanwhile, information can be shared with your MIS and external payroll providers.

That disgruntled, unpaid staff member we mentioned before? Not a problem!

Every by IRIS is also secure.

Wayne Oldfield, Chief Operating Officer at Voyage Education Partnership, says: “Everything is stored in Every HR, which is key for us in keeping activities secure and with an audit trail.

“There’s nowhere for sensitive data to be left lying around and no chance of a SCR spreadsheet being emailed somewhere it shouldn’t.”

2) Providing a people management powerhouse

You face chaos without good HR software (even before someone officially joins you).

For example:

  • Without watertight recruitment processes, vacancy notices go up later, leaving staff to scramble over covering timetable gaps for longer.
  • Without good HR processes powered by software, how do you know you’re bringing someone into the school that is safe and has undergone the right checks?
  • Without a control centre that easily monitors sickness, performance and development, how do you track progress, issues and wellbeing?

From recruitment to success

Every HR by IRIS’ recruitment module is built around rapid automation, ensuring inclusiveness and making sure background checks are consistently in place.

Within the software, regular staff absences are also highlighted, performance can be monitored and ongoing HR cases can be securely tracked and accessed by the right people, helping you work towards a collaborative plan built around support and improvement.

This doesn’t just mean looking for problems.

You can build upon promising staff performance, strengthening any weaker skills and signposting them to bespoke courses that will help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

But what about staff attendance? Rachel Cooper from The Grammar School at Leeds describes it as seamless by nature: “The absence module is great and allows for an easy view of what school staff attendance looks like. The system is built to mirror our policy so reinforces our school approach to managing attendance.”

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3) Deliver great learning

If you don’t deliver consistent, meaningful staff training, then good luck.

We’re not just talking about keeping on top of basic compliance issues, which is difficult enough.

Across all UK workers, training is the decider when someone is choosing between two potential employers, and a lack of development opportunities has seen some 52% leave their role.

Those sighs you hear in the staff room come from a lack of motivation – free coffee can only take them so far, as their energy and continuous professional development (CPD) begins to stall.

Demotivated, undertrained staff can mean poor teaching, out-of-date lesson delivery and an inability to spot crucial safeguarding issues.

Learning for everyone

Every HR by IRIS’ Training and CPD module keeps staff on track with the latest teaching methods and safeguarding information.

With Every by IRIS, you can access a range of free and paid courses on everything from mental health to organisational compliance and leadership, and you can also access training courses from third-party providers.

All available to anyone, on any device!

Every HR by IRIS: modern, modular HR and compliance software

Every HR by IRIS can do anything a modern school or MAT needs for HR and compliance, with powerful people management, asset tracking, training and contract controls.

Wondering where to start? Start with what you want.

Every HR by IRIS is a platform that grows with you – choose the modules you need and add others only when they are required.

It’s never been easier to build a system that suits your people, your contracts and your assets.

Click here to discover more about Every HR by IRIS.