How sure are you that you’ve got GDPR compliance right?

By Alan Gregory | 20th March 2019 | 13 min read

The deadline for compliance with the new data protection rules has long gone.

GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998. Failure to comply carries potentially massive fines - up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover – among other severe penalties, such as bans on data processing or transfers and orders to erase data. Not forgetting the bad PR you’ll receive.

Surely everyone is compliant by now, right? Not necessarily.

In fact, The International Association of Privacy Professionals has said its research, reported at the end of December, showed poor levels of GDPR compliance. Just half of respondents reported that they were fully compliant, while nearly one in five said they believed full compliance is impossible.

Research from Email Verifier in November indicated that only 36% of UK SMEs surveyed believe they were GDPR compliant. Of those who had achieved GDPR compliance, 10% admitted that they had to delete 60% of their database, with a further 3% going as far as deleting 90% of their database to comply with the regulations.

Are you absolutely sure your organisation is compliant?

Does an online GDPR management tool which contains all the policies and documents you need for compliance sound useful? IRIS has joined forces with The Data Support Agency to bring you just that.

IRIS GDPR Advisor provides you with all the necessary tools, documents and support you’ll need so you can easily manage your GDPR compliance. With three different packages available, there’s a compliance solution that’s perfect for you, whatever the size of your organisation.

The portal allows instant access from day one and its GAP analysis tool will identify areas which need attention and then provide you with the documents you need to become compliant. Live chat, email and phone support with our UK based support team are included as standard.

IRIS GDPR Advisor also boasts automated legislation and ICO updates, Subject Access Request (SAR) management and data breach modules, ensuring you can efficiently manage compliance requirements as and when they arise. IRIS GDPR Advisor is complete with a compliance dashboard which enables you to easily track your GDPR compliance progress.

If you want to know more about IRIS GDPR Advisor, call our team on 0344 815 5656.