IRIS GDPR Advisor, powered by The Data Support Agency, provides answers on data protection-related queries. It's available whenever you need help and is available 24/7 via an online resources portal.


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IRIS GDPR Advisor helps businesses to manage and maintain their GDPR compliance in one location. The intuitive platform takes users through a step-by-step journey, highlighting areas that require attention and providing them with all the necessary tools, templates and processes they need.
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What IRIS GDPR Advisor can do for you

IRIS GDPR Advisor guides you through the process of compliance, making the task easier to understand and simpler to complete. A range of tools, document templates, processes and planning guides are available. With access to technical support including a comprehensive, regularly updated FAQ page, the process is made as smooth as possible. Completed templates can be uploaded to a secure portal for safe storage.
  • Provides an audit trail and central hub for all GDPR and data protection compliance documents.
  • Staffed by data protection specialists who offer phone, email and online chat support services.
  • 24/7 UK-based remote consultancy support.  
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IRIS GDPR Advisor provides instant solutions for:

Accountants and businesses who feel that data protection is not their job and just want a simple resources hub to help their firm comply

Professionals who need to know exactly how compliant they are and where they will need to focus

Organisations that want ready-made GDPR document templates, processes and planning guides

Ensuring ongoing compliance: you can investigate any potential implications of new services they may consider offering before they are developed and delivered

Key Features

Always up to date

Data protection is an ongoing process; it’s not just a case of getting things set up once and never having to consider them again. With regulations and cyber security issues continually evolving, having access to the up-to-date resources provided by this product is crucial.

Easy to understand

A readiness dashboard shows you what you need to know, how compliant you are and where you will need to focus. Traffic lights show how close you are to completing elements of compliance.

Full audit trail

IRIS GDPR Advisor maintains a comprehensive audit trail so that the practice can demonstrate all relevant activities towards compliance, in case it’s later required due to an investigation.

No expertise needed

Few companies have the time, expertise or resources to dedicate to achieving data compliance. Our portal takes you through a step-by-step process.