IRIS Engage: Instant, reliable and cost-effective internal communications

By Anthony Wolny | 24th April 2020 | 8 min read

Now more than ever, HR teams need a reliable and cost-effective way of staying in touch with employees.

Chances are, your staff are feeling uncertain about the future: how long will the business be closed? How can I work efficiently from home? When will things be back to normal? While you can’t predict the future, you can put staff at ease with clear, concise communications. Whether furloughed or working remotely, internal communication is vital in the current climate.

Our parent company, IRIS Software Group, are experts in engagement software which means we are well placed to facilitate flexible internal communications for your business when it matters most. 

Introducing IRIS Engage 

IRIS Engage integrates seamlessly with our HR software including IRIS Cascade HRi, and IRIS HR Pro, and automatically imports staff data, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 

The platform facilitates text, email and online forms, enabling you to segment staff for personalised, strategic engagement. Send messages to groups, teams or individual employees and save time with handy scheduling functionality. 

Staying engaged 

It’s hard to maintain a close-knit company culture with staff spread far and wide. However, maintaining a strong sense of team spirit is key in these trying times; letting staff know you are still there for them with regular, informative communications will encourage staff to pull together, even while working remotely. 

Some staff may struggle with a home working environment, so providing a platform for them to engage with you will support productivity and keep business running efficiently. The occasional text, newsletter, survey or email will keep employees engaged with the latest company news, all the while ensuring staff remain compliant with changes to policies and procedures. 

All your communications in one place 

When you need to reach staff quickly, text and email are a sure-fire way of sending important messages directly into staff’s hands.  

Your very own company-branded cloud portal provides a centralised location for staff to access information and resources, including payroll, furlough, recent legislation changes, HR policies and plans for getting back to normal. The user-friendly platform makes updating your content and information quick and easy; you can also utilise a selection of pre-written templates to save time and ensure employees receive accurate and timely information.

Reduce time-consuming administrative tasks and strategically plan staff communications using the handy scheduling assistant and a collection of pre-written templates. IRIS Engage provides a centralised overview of responses and inbound messages, as well as a complete history of communications sent. In instances of incorrect staff contact details, the system alerts you to message failures, so you know who has and hasn’t received texts. 

Online forms functionality also enables you to collect and report on staff responses. With a bespoke form builder, you can request staff data, collect feedback or comments and collect information quickly and easily online – simple! 

Take control 

Flexible permissions can be set for different users, providing you with total control to grant access to relevant stakeholders.

Ready to get started? Find out more about IRIS Engage or click here to launch the platform now.