IRIS Pay: fast, simple and flexible

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By Anthony Wolny | 16th October 2023 | 4 min read

Business leaders have delivered their verdict on IRIS Pay – it’s a hit!

The market-leading payment processing software ensures companies can get their money quickly and easily.

Launched as a new addition for IRIS KashFlow subscribers in May 2022, IRIS Pay has helped a wide range of businesses collect income for goods and services.

So, what exactly do these users have to say about their new, cloud-native application?

Spoiler warning: this blog discusses free bank transfers, lightning-fast speed and impressive ease of use. If you want to be pleasantly surprised instead, stop now and find out more.

Manager says IRIS Pay is incredibly easy to use

IRIS Pay instantly generates secure links, buttons and QR codes.

As well as adding them to invoices, you can cut and paste links into a text, email or any other messaging service of your choice + when the money comes in, everything gets reconciled at your end in KashFlow.

Meanwhile, your clients or customers get a screen which reports their remaining balance with you.

It’s that straightforward.

Tim Wheldon, Manager of Blumoon Design, praises the automation in IRIS Pay, saying: “After using IRIS Pay for six months, it's really made a difference. It automatically reconciles payments against the invoices, cutting down on a lot of manual work. Plus, it's even helped speed up how quickly my clients pay.”

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Managing Director says IRIS Pay is four days faster than their previous provider

It looks like IRIS Pay’s speed is impressing customers as much as its simplicity.

When we said IRIS Pay is fast, we mean it. When you open the software for the first time, you don’t even have to complete the setup – you can start sending out payment requests almost immediately.

If customer invoices are paid via bank transfer, the money arrives with you straight away, and if the customers use an alternative method, you’ll see your money within 72 hours, no later.

That's a serious step-change for some.

Peter Streatfield, Managing Director, Javelin Broadband Ltd, told us: “The three-day settlement from IRIS Pay is far faster than the seven-day settlement from my previous provider.”

Users celebrate IRIS Pay’s flexibility and freedom

IRIS Pay’s users love the flexibility and freedom the software offers.

Their customers can pay however they want – whether that’s by bank transfer, credit or debit card, Apple Pay or any other major format (you can even take payments in person using a secure checkout) – and IRIS Pay does all the heavy lifting, compiling the invoices and processing them.

All bank transfers are completely free, but what about card payments? We challenge anyone to find as modest a price for as fast a speed!

Kamel Sengul, from Kay Electrical & Security Ltd, highlights the freedom IRIS Pay delivers by accommodating different payment methods, adding that the automation ’takes the labour out of accounting’.

Trudy Riley, Managing Director, Flawless Labels Ltd, also praises the software, saying: “We have been successfully using the IRIS Pay service to collect invoice payments for over a year. My customers appreciate the smooth payment experience of IRIS Pay and can choose from a wide range of local or international payment methods.”

Quick, simple, secure customer invoice payments

IRIS Pay seamlessly integrates with IRIS KashFlow.

It’s easy to request, then collect payments from your customers and automatically create an invoice.

No set-up costs and no monthly fees.

See what all the fuss is about for yourself – get a free trial of IRIS KashFlow  to find out more about IRIS Pay.