The perfect Valentine’s Day gift: an HR poem

Valentine’s Day
By Anthony Wolny | 11th February 2021 | 2 min read

Is there ever a better time for a poem than Valentine’s Day?

We think not, but they don’t always have to be soppy and flower related, sometimes with some (mildly clever) rhymes they can be quite educational and even beneficial.

If your business is looking to make some changes to the way it manages and supports its people, you’re in luck.

Give our poem below a read, and it could give you everything you need.

Ode to IRIS HR Pro

Recently, life has been tough – we’ve all been feeling a little rough.

We’re sat at home from day to night, and some people’s working hours may give you a fright.

If you really want to show employees some love, it may be time to give your old HR processes a shove.

Use a new and exciting digital tool, then ditch those outdated paper processes that are so uncool.

Encourage your people to take holidays and let them book online, even send surveys and polls to check if they’re feeling fine.

Use streamlined recruitment software to onboard new starters so smooth and so quick, then utilise automation to correctly log and pay them when they’re off sick.

Let them check their rotas straight from their phone and send them birthday messages to show them that they’re not alone.

Make it clear that you care by encouraging employee training – you’ll definitely notice their performance peaking with some one-on-one praising.

This Valentine’s Day try something new, I promise by changing you’ll even find time for a brew.

What’s even better is that IRIS are offering 3 months free, so show your staff some love, and help them be the best they can be.

While the above may not be on the same level as Shakespeare, hopefully, it’s given you a little insight into the benefits and possibilities of a modern HR solution, such as IRIS HR Pro.

By using our cloud-based HR software, you can work smarter to give your business more freedom and flexibility. 

So, if you want to see IRIS HR Pro’s features in action, click here to book a demo.