Why Organisations Should Opt for Fingerprint Authentication

By Alan Gregory | 10th September 2019 | 7 min read

Biometric fingerprint authentication might not be something you immediately think belongs in your organisation. The perception is that they belong in high-security facilities. That’s not really the truth anymore. If your smartphone is important enough to be protected by fingerprint biometrics, your place of work and business should be too.

Fingerprint authentication takes security to the next level

Fingerprint authentication is not an emerging and expensive technology anymore. We’ve been delivering biometric solutions for well over ten years here at BioStore. Our fingerprint technology is used by millions of users, is well-tested, reliable and extremely effective.

The fingerprint authentication method to access business buildings/rooms and digital applications is now as a common as PINs, passwords and smartcards. Biometrics enhance and secure access protocols, whether to digital assets or physical locations. And they can be used in isolation or part of a multi-factor approach.

Authentication methods like passwords, PINs and smartcards pose problems if not combined with biometrics. There are security issues when using authentication methods that are not intrinsically linked to the user. Everyone can relate to the hassle of remembering hundreds of different passwords, and smartcards can easily be lost or misplaced. That’s annoying for users and the admin team that have to replace them.

Fingerprint biometrics have none of these issues. You can’t lose or forget a fingerprint, and they can’t be used by someone other than who they belong too. That’s why fingerprint biometrics are the strongest authentication method for businesses to implement. A fingerprint solution provides even small businesses with secure authentication and reduces on-going management for IT staff.

Complete control and oversight

Access control management with fingerprint authentication can be used to make sure only the right people with the right permissions have access to an organisation’s physical and digital assets. These can be changed as and when needed, again, creating a flexible and reliable system.

The system can help create a very accountable working culture. Hours worked can easily be tracked, whether in the office or remotely, allowing for trust, openness and productivity.

An access control management system with fingerprint authentication is a solution within your grasp. It’s a simple way to improve an organisation’s operations, and best of all, it’s affordable, proven and easy to make the change.

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