Another day at the (home) office: why finance professionals benefit from remote working

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By Toby Lester | 9th November 2020 | 14 min read

Working nine to five is, for the first time, no longer a way to make a living. While COVID-19 has no doubt caused businesses a great many challenges and concerns, it has also showcased the benefits of a remote working culture. 

For finance professionals, a recent report from lobby group Humans in Finance evidences a definite shift towards flexible working. Results suggest that most finance professionals will seize the opportunity to remain working, at least in part, from home; 70% of respondents stated their work-life balance has improved and a further 58% reporting improved health and wellbeing.

Flexible working is, after all, exactly that; flexible. According to Humans in Finance, 95% of finance professionals believe employers should offer a variety of remote/in-office workplace options. For those businesses planning a return to office-based working, staff retention is sure to be an issue in the long term. 55% of respondents stated they would consider changing jobs if an alternative offered greater flexibility. 

Why does remote working work for finance professionals? 

The office has always traditionally been the heart of a business. While COVID-19 has effectively forced the hand of many organisations to embrace remote working, recent years have seen flexible working grow in popularity. 

The reason for this is a widespread acknowledgement that we no longer need to be in the office to work; we don’t need to be in the same building as our colleagues to stay engaged, manage finances or handle reporting. Cloud software enables employees to access data anytime, anywhere; so long as we have a laptop and access to Wi-Fi, the job can be done.  

Technology has enabled sustainable businesses to continue operating almost as usual during a global pandemic. Software powers efficiency, enables flexibility and drives innovation. It has also allowed many to enjoy a better work/life balance. 

Software to solve COVID-19 related concerns 

It is true that online attacks have increased during the pandemic, with cyber criminals capitalising on our new remote working culture to target organisations and their data. 

Security should always be a top priority. Cloud systems protect against hackers with advanced security and automated updates, ensuring businesses remain compliant with regulations and robust against potential attacks. 

Health and wellbeing of employees is also a large concern for organisations today; remaining engaged with your team when spread far and wide can be difficult. However, technology can bridge the virtual gap and enable true flexibility for professionals seeking to strike a better work/life balance. And, when empowered with the right tools for the job, staff are more productive and efficient. 

If access to data is a concern for organisations, it is likely because they lack adequate software. With IRIS Financials and PS Cloud, employees can access mission critical data anytime, anywhere, with peace of mind around security and compliance. 

With our financial management software, business data exists in a single location and is automatically kept up to date, making reporting quick and easy. Always in balance, teams can take back hours spent manually copying data between ledgers; the IRIS Financials system automatically performs the task for you.  

IRIS Financials is just one system within a wider suite of business-critical systems, integrating with native HR, engagement and financial planning platforms, as well as a host of third-party systems.  

To find out more about our finance and cloud software suite, talk to one of our product specialists today.