Meet the team: Eva

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By Anthony Wolny | 18th June 2021 | 4 min read

The value of experience

Eva Mrazikova is an Accountancy Market Specialist at IRIS and has more than 15 years’ experience of working as an accountant in practice and industry. A relatively new addition to the team, Eva joined at the height of the pandemic in December 2020, bringing with her a wealth of insider knowledge, at a time when accountants needed it most.

Eva’s background gives her a true insight into what accountants need and value, enabling IRIS to make a meaningful impact on customers’ daily lives. And she’s certainly not alone in having experience of the industry and the issues our customers face. Eva says, “There are so many accomplished, fully qualified accountants throughout IRIS; the knowledge behind the software is absolutely there.”

Understanding  the sector so well, Eva feels that her role is to bridge the link between the software and the customer. “When it comes to new features, I ask the questions ‘is it relevant to users’ and ‘is it something they really need’? I’m genuinely interested in how things work, why they’re needed, and what the benefits are.”

Eva brings her industry know-how and business acumen to the products. “I know why accountants can’t sleep at night; so I help my colleagues understand that. I hear the hidden voice in accountants’ heads and help give them what they wish for! Whether that’s integrated features that make life easier, or automation that puts a stop to working between hundreds of spreadsheets – I want to provide an all-round better experience.

“When I worked in practice there was so much to consider with practice management, billing, time and fees, jobs and staff – and there were several spreadsheets needed to keep it under control. Decent software is crucial to control and simplify that. Practices need to see how much they are making, credit control, and what stage a job is at. Keeping on top of that improves cashflow and ultimately their position as a business.”

Eva adds, “I worked through 2020, which was a ridiculously complicated time for accountants. Good, reliable software was essential to give you the headspace to consider what you need to offer clients. Accountants need to be creative and quick to respond – and that can only be done when there is the clarity and flexibility within the business to do it. This is also a must for practices that want to futureproof and adapt to client demands.”

Boosting productivity and making efficiencies are high on the agenda for businesses, and Eva can see the benefits of truly seamless software. “The idea of being a one-stop shop is appealing and makes accountants lives easier. Nobody wants to log in and out of different portals, so integrated software that you can effortlessly move around is a huge benefit. It offers efficient input and reduces the possible errors that could be made. It updates itself, which is useful – you only have to do things once!”

Inputting data once is a no-brainer for saving valuable time and effort within a business, which is why we are particularly proud of our single database at IRIS. Eva agrees, “I have used a variety of software and know how good having a single database is. One source that updates itself means you enter data just once, and you can trust that it will flow through your system – it’s a lifesaver, and a far more reliable solution than integration or links that can break.”

In her role, Eva is all about easing worries and difficulties accountants have when tasks and requirements become a burden. “Legislation changes all the time and it is a headache. IRIS has always been two steps ahead of competitors on compliance and first to market with compliance updates; this is a brand that gets the urgency of getting compliance right, immediately. For accountants, it’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket: you never miss a deadline!”

Being on the ball matters, and Eva sees what a difference effective software can have in a fast-paced and ever-changing business climate. “Years ago you maybe met clients once a year, but this has changed dramatically now. Having a good, solid base with reliable software that makes practice management straightforward, keeps things transparent, and make efficiencies, is a huge help.

“Post-Covid, accountants will need to stay sharp, be prompt, and help support clients’ livelihoods. It is crucial they get it right and we are here to help. You need to be a successful business in order to help others be successful.”

It was in an era of massive change that Eva made her move across to IRIS, but perhaps there was never a more apt moment. She concludes, “I joined IRIS because I wanted to make a difference. I now have input and shape the products that can help accountants thrive, which is a real privilege.”

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