A better work/life balance? How IRIS Payroll Hosting is here to help

How IRIS Payroll Hosting is here to help | A better work/life balance? How IRIS Payroll Hosting is here to help
By Alan Gregory | 18th October 2019 | 3 min read

In today’s busy business world, achieving the perfect work/life balance is both admirable, and often unheard of. There’s blogs and guides dedicated to the perfect formula – but the truth is, more than half of the advice is completely unrealistic.

Few business owners are actually able to just ‘switch everything off’ for several hours each evening. Anxiety really mounts when our phones are off, as that’s when the office server will set on fire, there’ll be a flash flood or every bit of software we have will decide to self-corrupt. These examples are a little exaggerated, but you know what we mean.

The big question that often interferes with relaxing and achieving that work/life balance is simple, and age old; ‘what if something goes wrong?’. It’s an entirely reasonable question, but there are ways to reduce the angst, which is why we’d like to introduce you to IRIS Hosting.

IRIS Payroll Hosting, what is it?

We will host your payroll software on our secure servers, enabling you to access everything from anywhere, without having to worry about updates, system back-ups or data security. When we say it’s accessible from anywhere, we really mean anywhere. Office ends up five feet underwater? The Beast from the East returns and you can’t get out your front door? Train cancelled for over an hour? That’s fine, just stay home. IRIS Payroll Hosting means that you can access your payroll software from any device, even your personal laptop, you just need your log in details for the portal. So no matter where you’re sat when you need to handle your payroll, you can be confident that whatever happens, everyone still gets paid on time.

We’ve got everything covered

It’s not just having everything accessible from anywhere that helps with work/life balance. Running payroll brings burdens of its own, whether it’s system back-ups, software updates or a security breach – it just adds more to your workload. With IRIS Payroll Hosting, we sort your Microsoft updates for you, and all IRIS and third-party software updates are done after 5p.m. (minimal interference with your working day).

We make sure that your system fits your business requirements, the only additional item that we have is extra storage, so there’s no need to blow the budget on additional upgrades. We’re also your main software provider, as well as your main IT provider, which means there’s no go-between as you can come straight to us with any issues you may be facing.

Never run a system back up again. Honestly! We run backups every night, can retrieve deleted files and run a system back up before every single upgrade, so there’s no need to worry about losing any of your data.

If you’re concerned about your data security, we have that covered too. All of our back-ups are replicated, we use extremely robust firewalls and your data is always protected by a full suite of antivirus.

There’s more…

We provide all of our IRIS Payroll Hosting customers with Office365 as standard, including Outlook, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Allowing you to collaborate with colleagues from wherever you are, whenever you need to.

We take care of everything, so when you read an advice guide that tells you to switch your mobile off for four hours a night, you can feel confident knowing that we have your IT covered.

Take a look at how IRIS Hosting has helped the team at Jones & Co. improve their work/life balance – and how Tax Manager, Beccy, is able to work from home (and Thorpe Park) with ease.

If you’d like to know more about IRIS Payroll Hosting, and how it can help you switch off after the office, call us on 0344 815 5656.