How can the cloud benefit your payroll?

How can the cloud benefit your payroll?
By Anthony Wolny | 26th February 2020 | 13 min read

Cloud technology has seen an explosion of popularity in recent years with the vast majority of organisations utilising the cloud to some extent in their day-to-day.

Deloitte found that 93% of organisations have considered or adopted the cloud.

However, a shroud of uncertainty still lingers around the cloud, with many still unsure about what cloud technology is and how it can benefit their payroll.

What is the cloud?

You’ve most likely heard of either cloud technology, hosted services or virtual desktops.

In essence, these terms are all interchangeable.

They essentially provide you with an online desktop that allows you to replicate your work computer securely from any location or any device.

Your programs, apps, files and data are all hosted on a virtual server, creating a variety of benefits and possibilities.

The benefits of a hosted payroll

Reduce costs

Hosting your payroll means you don’t have to buy, install or maintain any pricey hardware and equipment, reducing the physical cost of payroll.

“Thanks to payroll hosting, I don’t have to think about IT management in the office and the equipment cost has gone down as we no longer need an expensive server.” – Sylvia Palmer, Practice Manager, Jones & Co

Remote working

One of the key benefits of a hosted payroll solution granted that you have an internet connection is that you’re able to work anywhere, anytime.

Cloud payroll offers significantly more flexibility and allows you greater freedom to work remotely and from home, providing both employee and business benefits.

A study from found that working from home:

  • Improves productivity 
  • Increases employee retention 
  • Decreases sick days
  • Reduces costs

Enhanced security

An additional benefit of a hosted service is extra security and peace of mind.

You’re able to get cloud connections that are fully secure and encrypted, providing the highest levels of security, with protection against viruses, hackers and ransomware.

More information

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