Download your free payroll factcard for 2016/17

By Sam Thomas | 23rd February 2016 | 13 min read


Download my free 2016/17 factcard

Back in mid-January, we put together a 2015/16 payroll factcard for the upcoming self-assessment tax returns which contained a range of helpful facts and figures. The factcard went down very well with great feedback from people who downloaded the document. As we approach the beginning of the new financial year, we’ve updated the factcard in-line with the newly-announced updates to 2016/17.

Similarly to the 2015/16 version, the updated factcard contains helpful facts, figures and contact information, completely updated for 2016/17.

Legislation is changing in April, so it’s important to keep up-to-date with the changes to avoid complications. Changes for 2016/17 include the standard tax code changing from 1060L to 1100L, meaning that UK workers are entitled to a personal allowance of £11,000 per annum of tax-free earnings in a single tax year. Additionally, the student loans thresholds have been updated to an average rate of 9%.

Contact information includes phone numbers and email addresses for HMRC and IRIS. If you’d like more information on auto enrolment, IRIS payroll software, and advice from IRIS, why not register for a free webinar? They are held regularly and cover a range of subjects within the industry.

The 2016/17 payroll factcard is completely free to download, get yours today in time for end of 2015/16 on April 5th.

If you’d like more information on payroll year end 2016, visit our dedicated payroll year end insight page on to find our range of helpful seminars, free product trials, and our popular payroll year end and legislation pack.

Download my free 2016/17 factcard