Here to Help: How to run your payroll from home to avoid business disruption

enable working from home for payroll to avoid business disruption 1 | Here to Help: How to run your payroll from home to avoid business disruption
By Anthony Wolny | 19th March 2020 | 14 min read

As COVID-19 continues to escalate, businesses across the country need to prepare for the likelihood of employees having to self-isolate.

This means offering the necessary functionality for employees to continue working from home.

Otherwise, it may lead to a severe drop in productivity and business-critical functions such as payroll could cease, disrupting the entire business.

Why is payroll at risk?

Businesses need to start planning to enable staff to run payroll remotely because the vast majority of payroll solutions are desktop based.

If your office has to shut during the pandemic and your payroll team is unable to work from home, you could potentially face a huge knock-on effect.

The consequences of a delayed payroll can include:

Impacting financial wellbeing: The RSA found that 50% of the UK population are financially vulnerable, with 25 Million workers living paycheck to paycheck. Missing your payroll can significantly impact an employee’s financial wellbeing and result in them potentially missing a payment and facing penalties.

Missing payroll year end deadlines: If your team is unable to operate, you risk delaying your payroll year end reporting on FPS to HMRC which could potentially result in a fine. Check out our informative payroll year-end guide for a refresher on the key upcoming dates.

Disengaging your workforce: Payroll plays a huge role in employee engagement. Ultimately, if you're not paying employees, they won’t work and if they do continue to come in, your relationship with them will be damaged.

Keep your payroll running during a crisis

There is a way to ensure your payroll will run on time, even if your payroll team is not able to be in the office.

The cloud.

By moving your payroll to a hosted solution that utilises cloud functionality, you can enable your payroll team to work from anywhere at any time.

All they need is an internet connection and computer.

IRIS Payroll Hosting

Our solution, IRIS Payroll Hosting, helps you avoid business disruption, ensuring staff have exactly the same set up they’re used to in the office.

We host all your vital IRIS Payroll products, Microsoft software and desktop applications via a secure and encrypted connection.

At IRIS, we aim to bring certainty for businesses despite the uncertain times, helping you ensure your payroll continues as normal.

Click here for more information on IRIS Payroll Hosting. If you're looking for a solution to both payroll and HR why not check out our cloud based HR and payroll software, IRIS HR Professional.