New law protects furloughed workers from reduced redundancy pay

furloughed workers
By Anthony Wolny | 12th August 2020 | 13 min read

A new law to support workers has been introduced, following reports that some employers are reducing redundancy pay for their furloughed staff.

While the number of employers making cuts to redundancy pay is in the ‘minority’, the law has been quickly brought into action.

The Minister stated that they want to provide reassurance during these ‘difficult times’ and also ensure that staff aren’t short-changed.

How has redundancy pay been cut?

Many have committed to providing redundancy pay based on the employee’s full pre-furlough salary - however, not all employers have matched that, instead paying only the 80% covered by the Government.

With the prediction that the end of furlough could result in 1.2 million redundancies, this ‘loophole’ required an immediate amendment to safeguard staff at risk during these challenging times.

What will the new law change? 

For those with normal working hours, the calculations for redundancy pay or notice pay that fall on or before 31st October 2020 must disregard any reduction in the amount payable due to furlough.

Alok Sharma, Business Secretary, stated: “We urge employers to do everything they can to avoid making redundancies, but where this is unavoidable it is important that employees receive the payments they are entitled to.”

It’s worth noting that the law change won’t impact upon an enhanced redundancy pay that is pre-determined in the terms and conditions of an employee’s employment contract.

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