Outsource your payroll to IRIS and instantly see the benefits: case study

By Sam Thomas | 16th February 2016 | 14 min read




Each month we speak to users of our software and services to understand how IRIS’ software helps UK businesses. Earlier in February we spoke with Tim Baker, Finance Manager at Aldens Specialist Catering Butchers in Oxford to get his opinion on the IRIS Managed Payroll Service.

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With all of the recent legislation changes regarding payroll, from auto enrolment to Real Time Information (RTI), it can be stressful to keep up-to-date. IRIS are able to offer a solution to this: the IRIS Managed Payroll Service.

IRIS Managed Payroll is a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service which is compliant with the latest legislation. The service utilises our extensive knowledge in payroll, built up from over 35 years of experience in the industry and takes the hassle and pressure away by passing the responsibility of auto enrolment and RTI over to us.

Tim joined Aldens over two years ago, and since then has been using the IRIS Managed Payroll Service to run the business’s payroll. Quickly, Tim found IRIS to be easy to contact and explained that “as long as your relationship with the payroll company is good, and ours is good with IRIS then outsourcing your payroll takes a lot of the heat away.”

Aldens “saves between several hours to a full days’ worth of time each month because of the outsourcing” of payroll. Tim went on to explain that “there is a great dividend in saving several hours’ worth of work, as it’s time that I can then spend on other matters.”

You can find out more about the IRIS Managed Payroll Service by requesting a free, no-obligation call back from one of our payroll experts here at IRIS.

Read the full case study here

If like Aldens, you can see the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to IRIS, why not download our free 7-page guide, “why payroll outsourcing could be the best decision you make today”. Also, be sure to try our Payroll Outsourcing Calculator and receive a free, no-obligation quote on outsourcing the time and hassle of running your payroll to IRIS.

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