Daikin Air Conditioning UK Ltd

Daikin saw the benefits in Cascade’s Payroll Managed Service, as it alleviated valuable resources that could be invested in key strategic projects.

“Cascade listen to their customers and Daikin are confident that they will continue to provide an excellent product and service that will support the company today and in the future.”- Daikin Air Conditioning UK Ltd

Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd is a Kaizen company. Kaizen means continuous improvement. Implementing Cascade HR and Payroll improved the quality of service Daikin provides to employees, so the next challenge was to improve administrative efficiency further. This would enable the human resources department to add greater value to the business by concentrating on key strategic projects.

The introduction of the Payroll Bureau allowed Daikin to do this as the process had been greatly simplified, allowing their Payroll Co-ordinator to move away from purely administrative work and assist with the development of Daikin’s reward strategy.

Joanne Knowles, Payroll Quality Manager at Cascade, visited Daikin to explain what Cascade Managed Payroll Service (CMPS) had to offer for the business. Daikin was convinced that the benefits of using the Payroll Bureau Service far outweighed all other providers they had contacted. With Cascade, Daikin had the reassurance of using just one provider, which means anything regarding the HR solution or general payroll queries would all be resolved by the team at Cascade.

Using the fully integrated HR and Payroll solution, all data relating to employees is entered centrally into Cascade HR either by the HR team and/or line managers/employees. The payroll related data is then passed seamlessly to the payroll module for the bureau team to process.

The transition was well structured and because Daikin had been using the fully integrated solution in-house for four years, it meant that the implementation process was very smooth and quick. The process started with a server move, which meant working with Daikin’s IT Team to migrate the HR and Payroll application from their internal servers to Cascade’s hosted environment.

Cascade gave Daikin the confidence that the software and the bureau team would provide a seamless payroll service to the company; in fact, it was so seamless that none of Daikin’s employees noticed the change.