Keep your organisation running during a crisis

How do you keep your organisation going strong, no matter what the circumstances? 

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, businesses are likely to face having to ask staff to work from home.  

How do you ensure you continue operating at peak productivity and carrying out vital compliance work? 

How do you continue to engage effectively with your clients and meet their needs? 

At IRIS, we’re here to bring certainty for customers despite the uncertain times. We have a few ways to help you ensure your work continues as normal. 

Work anywhere, anytime 

You need your staff to be able to work from anywhere, any time. It’s essential that your team can access all your vital PS Financials products, Microsoft software and mission-critical data, no matter where you are. We can help you achieve this with PS Cloud; all you need is an internet connection and a computer. 

Fully secure client data 

With remote working, it’s even more essential to ensure your client data is totally safe and secure. You also need all your documents saved and accessible in one place. PS Cloud can help you achieve that with our secure and resilient datacentre and multiple redundant failsafes. 

Protection from cyber crime 

Hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other forms of cybercrime are always a concern for businesses. You need to take care that, when your team is set up to work remotely, connections are fully secure and encrypted, so your business remains compliant with strict legislation. PS Financials can assist here by offering the highest levels of security and encryption through PS Cloud. 

Ensure compliance 

When time is stretched, it can be difficult to meet complex statutory requirements and to ensure compliance with governing bodies. 

That’s why PS Financials enables busy administrative staff to quickly generate a range of reports that meet the expectations of compliance regulations, such as SORP and SoFA, so you can stay on top of your obligations. 

Extra resources 

With your team likely to be overstretched, you need a way to reduce the strain on them and increase your capacity to complete routine accounts and payroll work without the expenses of hiring more staff. You may also have to redeploy your staff to more important activities.  

Automation tools such as PS Purchasing and IRIS Invoice Matcher can be a huge help, as they can take over low-value tasks for you and help you ensure that key activities such as expenses approvals and invoice matching are completed on time. 

What next? 

Whatever the needs of your business, PS Financials can support you to ensure you have all the tools, systems, and services you require to meet clients’ needs, whatever life throws your way. 

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