Powering flexible working and business continuity

No matter your sector, all organisations need to continue to operate in the time of crisis, to ensure they meet their customers’ needs, whatever life throws their way. Whatever your organisation’s needs, IRIS can help you to ensure you have the systems and services you require to ensure business continuity and certainty in uncertain times.   

Maintaining compliance

From ensuring the accuracy of your clients’ tax and accounts or employee HR and payroll records, to protecting schools and pupils through correct governance, our products and services help you maintain compliance with the latest regulations, however and wherever your team is working. 

Optimising productivity

Our automated HR and payroll systems, practice management tools and school management systems provide reliable and flexible remote working solutions to empower team members to work from home and maintain optimum productivity whatever the circumstances.

Ensuring client and team engagement

Offering parent communications apps for schools and academies, self-serve HR portals and practice management tools, we support our customers in optimising engagement with employees and clients, so you can keep them up to speed in fast-moving crisis situations.

Preparing our business to support yours in uncertain times 

As a valued member of the IRIS Software Group community, we appreciate the trust you place in us to make sure all your critical operational software and services continue. Please be assured we are ready and prepared for our services to continue as normal and mitigating its impact on employees, customers and our wider business operations. 

Please find out more here and regularly check back to read our updates.