Keep your school or trust running during a crisis

How do you keep your school going strong, no matter what the circumstances? 

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, schools are facing closures over the coming weeks and even months.

With staff required to work remotely, how will you ensure school processes continue operating efficiently, all the while ensuring compliance? And how do you intend to stay engaged with staff, students and parents? 

IRIS Education is here to bring certainty to schools and MATs, despite the uncertain times. We have a few solutions to support your school throughout closures. 


In the face of closures and cancellations (trips, events, clubs etc), you need to be able to reach parents quickly and reliably. IRIS Education deliver engagement systems for schools of all sizes.  

While SMS remains the preferred method for circulating urgent information to parents en masse, ParentMail’s innovative reporting suite provides a handy overview of communication performance, including who has and hasn’t read messages. 

PS Connect translates messages into over 40 languages, enables schools to manage social media accounts and allows easy scheduling, reducing time-consuming admin for busy teams. 

Staff engagement 

With staff working remotely, internal engagement is vital. ParentMail and PS Connect facilitate secure, flexible and reliable internal communications. 


Online payments are a wise choice in the current climate, reducing cash circulation and footfall on school grounds. +Pay integrates seamlessly with both ParentMail and PS Connect engagement platforms, providing a reliable payment process for parents, via free mobile app or desktop portal. 

Work anywhere, anytime 

Secure cloud hosting with PS Cloud supports remote and flexible working for staff across MATs and even includes a Microsoft Office license. Ensure compliance, access resources from anywhere and safeguard student data with our secure UK data centre.  

Data capture 

Having the correct contact and care data ensures you’re ready to take action at a moment’s notice. Our Online Form solution integrates with school MIS, making it easy to collect and report on data by class, year group and individual. 

People management 

It’s likely at least a few staff will need to self-isolate over coming months. Maintaining a comprehensive view of staff and implementing trust-wide policies and procedures is vital. PS People offers a handy self-serve portal, accessible 24/7 and from any location.  

Lesson planning 

Sharing resources and at-home learning packs is secure and easy with our engagement platforms. ParentMail and PS Connect integrate seamlessly with school MIS, enabling schools to circulate attachments and content by individual, class or year group. 

Whatever the needs of your school or MAT, IRIS Education can support you to ensure you have all the tools, systems, and services you require. 

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