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IRIS has payroll solutions tailored to nurseries, providing the necessary tools to manage an ever-changing workforce.

Ensuring you’ve calculated the payroll hours and holidays of your staff correctly is incredibly complicated for professionals managing payroll within a nursery. Factors such as the seasonal nature of the work, fluctuating headcounts and legislative changes require a significant amount of resources to ensure there aren’t any mistakes. Our solutions are designed specifically for busy business managers, offering greater professional freedom that allows you to tackle payroll tasks quickly with confidence.

The Challenges

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Legislative changes

Payroll legislation is continuously changing, creating added complexities, especially as nursery managers and owners are not payroll professionals.

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Fluctuating headcount

During busy periods, nurseries often have to call upon and process zero-hour contract employees.

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Employing apprentices

A lot of nurseries employ apprentices which requires them to alter their tax and National Insurance deductions.

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Managing cashflow

Independent nurseries are reliant on invoicing parents, so ensuring you make no mistakes in your payroll is crucial.

Payroll tailored to nurseries and childcare providers

Our payroll solutions are perfect for all childcare providers, whether you’re a small nursery or a large multi-site nursery, we have software to meet your needs.

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