Why are electronic payslips so important? 

Not only are budgets tight, emphasising the need for cost and resource savings, but the modern workforce expects a socially conscious employer – something using paper payslips goes against. 

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How do you select the right electronic payslips software? 

Search for a system which benefits both the business and its people.  

The goal of implementing software should be to reduce admin and costs but also seek a system which offers day-to-day experience benefits for staff. 

Electronic payslips: key benefits  

Electronic payslips come with a wide array of business benefits (cost-saving and streamlined processes), but when looking for your perfect software, seek wider features such as:  

  • Improved security  

    When compared to paper, electronic payslips inherently come with far better security measures.

    As physical or emailed payslips can be intercepted or delivered to the incorrect participant, they pose a major risk; however, electronic payslips provide each employee with their own secure online payslip portal, eradicating any concerns.

  • Archive access 

    There’s nothing worse, for both employees and payroll professionals, than needing copies of historic payslips when a digital system isn’t in place.

    Electronic payslips alleviate the burden on both parties, providing users with a centralised location where they can access and manage all documents, past and present, with a simple click.

  • Self-service 

    Whether your people need a payslip or other crucial documents such as P60s and P45s, payslip software offers an all-in-one solution, enabling employees to self-serve their requests.

  • Simple sign-ups 

    Good electronic payslip software shouldn’t be daunting! Seek options which feature a straightforward sign-up process, guiding employees through the account setup, including security questions for account recovery if necessary.

Featured Guide

Electronic payslips: why you need to ditch the paper

If the idea of going digital has piqued your interest, look no further! 

Our guide covers all things payslips and uncovers why going digital is a wise choice for businesses, saving money and enhancing processes.

So, if you want to learn more about digitising your payslip process, download the guide.

IRIS PAYSLIPS guide 240 | Payslip Software

Find the perfect electronic payslips system!

Ready to toss out the paper hassle and digitise your payroll documents? IRIS is here to help you bring your payroll documents into the digital world. With IRIS My ePay Window, your crew can easily hop in and access all their payroll documents, old and new, through either their computer or mobile device. 

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Software for Electronic Payslips

  • logo IRIS Staffology 01 1 | Payslip Software

    Intuitive cloud payroll bureau software

    A cloud-based payroll platform that allows accountants and payroll bureaus to automate repetitive and manual tasks, helping to process an efficient pay run.

  • IRIS MyePayWindow 1 | Payslip Software

    A secure payroll portal

    Publish payslips, P60s and other payroll documents electronically from within your payroll software with our secure payroll portal. Allow employees to log in securely from anywhere to view their current and historic payslips.

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