Guiding principles to thrive amid disruption

After a period of disruption like no other, your business and priorities have changed. Now is a great time to take a fresh look at how your systems work for you and your people.

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IRIS can help you chart a successful course with solutions that meet your needs as you change and grow. Our solutions empower your HR, finance, and payroll to lead the organisation through times of change.

At IRIS, we support forward-looking businesses by helping them choose systems to serve their people and streamline their processes. Organisations that ensure HR, finance, and payroll can keep up with change are a step ahead in building culture, accelerating efficiency and driving performance.

We have spent years helping top businesses look forward with certainty and confidence

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Guiding principles to thrive amid disruption
Are your systems still working for you and your people? New work patterns have upended business processes – and your technology and systems can help you come out ahead. Our infographic offers practical ways you can align your technology with your changing needs.
Hybrid-working: how firms can keep pace with change
Work has changed, but has your business kept pace? Take a look at six challenges your business likely faces – and see how we can help you successfully tackle each and every one with confidence.
How to guide
The guiding principles you need to thrive amid disruption
After a period of disruption like no other, offices are reopening to a very different world. Now is the time to take a fresh look at your systems and how they’re working for you and your people. We’ve put together this how-to guide to offer you a helping hand throughout this transitional phase.

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IRIS for People

Used by companies across the UK to manage over one million employees, IRIS software offers flexible and agile solutions to help you through every element of HR management.

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IRIS for Equipment

IRIS makes asset management and compliance easy, with central management and tracking of assets and compliance from anywhere and on any device.

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IRIS for Financial Planning

IRIS Financials can handle any business case for organisations of any size. Our unified ledger accounting with powerful automation saves you time and reduces the risk of error.

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IRIS for Digital Modernisation

By moving your payroll software to IRIS’ hosted systems, you gain better control over your IT and software spend, plus the confidence that your cloud payroll systems are safe and secure on a hosted server.

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IRIS for Outsourcing

When IRIS handles your payroll, you can focus on your business. Outsourcing payroll helps you boost efficiency and save money, while giving you and your employees one less thing to worry about.

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Solutions for Small and medium businesses

Our solutions free you from mundane business admin, make staff communication and collaboration easy, and transform complex tasks – such as accounting, HR, payroll or compliance.

  • Streamlined accounting processes, with powerful reporting and decision-making tools
  • Simplified, automated and improved HR processes
  • Stay up to date with ever-changing legislative changes around payroll, HR, MTD, and the CJSS
  • Better engagement with your team, wherever they’re working
Solutions for Large and medium-sized businesses

Software to bring your business greater success, higher productivity, increased efficiency, and total compliance. We take care of your HR, finance, payroll, and IT headaches, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Flexible, functional finance management, with powerful reporting and decision-making tools
  • Simplified, automated and improved HR processes
  • Multi-channel communications platforms
  • Centralised and streamlined asset management and compliance

Industry solutions

IRIS’s software and services are used in many different sectors, across the globe, delivering compliance, productivity and engagement. We create mission-critical solutions, tailored to your needs, to save you time and money.