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The COVID-19 outbreak has had ramifications across every sector, forcing an economic lockdown that looks set to continue in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

To thrive in this new age of social distancing, all organisations need to reconsider the way they work in the future, to ensure they continue to provide the best possible service, all while supporting the safety and security of their employees. Not only do they need to comply with new Government safety guidelines, adapting workspaces to ensure social distancing, they also need to think about new work practices, like flexible hours, extended work days and remote working to minimise the health risks to employees. Whatever your organisation’s needs, IRIS is here to help you look forward to this next normal. We can provide you with the systems and services required to optimise legislative compliance, enhance productivity and maintain the highest level of engagement with both clients and employees. In doing so we can support you to adapt and thrive in a post-COVID world.

Discover the results of our next normal customer survey in this new insight guide, detailing the biggest challenges, shifting priorities, and actions taken so far by nearly 1,200 IRIS customers, as they adapt to the huge changes arising from the pandemic. Download it for free below.

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Whatever the next normal holds for the office environment, your practice needs to be as efficient and productive as possible so you can continue providing expert client service and guidance.

We offer a range of tools to help your team adapt to remote and flexible working, from practice management solutions to boost productivity, to systems to optimise data protection and security. We can even help you maximise engagement with your clients, helping you stay connected.

With our support, you can continue to deliver for your clients, while meeting the strictest regulatory requirements.
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To thrive in a world of remote working, you need tools to streamline the time and resource needed to run payroll.

With our range of both hosted and outsourced payroll solutions, you can meet these challenges, enhancing your productivity, while ensuring you continue to comply with data protection legislation.

So, no matter how your team’s work patterns evolve in the coming months, your organisation will be prepared to face the future.
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The heart of every successful organisation is an engaged and productive workforce.

To achieve this goal and thrive in the next workplace normal, your business needs flexible HR technology capable of supporting remote working, but also of enhancing employee engagement and communication. All of this is vital to ensure your team can adapt to the reality of the post-COVID-19 workplace.

Available anytime, anywhere and on any device, our cloud-based HR software solutions can support you in meeting this challenge, by empowering your team to work securely from their own homes, optimising productivity and compliance while following social distancing guidelines. We also offer expert HR consultancy for your global offices, giving you the advice you need to provide the right protection for your team regardless of where in the world they are based.
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In the new world of working, your school, academy or trust needs flexibility to ensure your critical operations run smoothly, whether your team is working in the office or at home.

We have a range of specialist solutions to achieve this goal, from parent communications apps and school management systems, to tools that optimise GDPR governance, all designed to enable you to be productive and compliant in this next normal.

With our help, your school, academy or trust can have the support it needs to continue to deliver the best possible education for pupils, whatever the future holds.
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Business Accounting

With the economic future so uncertain, it’s more important than ever to be able to harness data and knowledge about your business so you can identify new ways to achieve success and growth.

IRIS’ flexible, cloud-based solutions allow you to harness this mission-critical information not just from the office, but from home and other remote locations as well. With our help, your team can analyse your financial and administrative data from any location, and collaborate with each other, even when working apart.
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For the latest insight into the Government’s COVID-19 response and advice on how to continue to operate in these unprecedented times, take a look at our Here to Help hub today.

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