IRIS Keytime Accountants' Suite Autumn v23.3 service pack

The Autumn 2023 release service pack of Keytime Accountants’ Suite v23.3.95 is now available.

This service pack provides you with solutions to a number of issues reported since the last release.

Please note that before you can install this version, you must have installed version 23.1. To check the version, open any Keytime module, select the Help menu and select About.

If you have a version earlier than can download and install 23.1.0 from the link in this article.

Further instructions on how to install can be found in this article.

Accounts Production

  • No longer getting an error when submitting FRS 102 or FRS 105 accounts as the iXBRL file is now correctly generated and attached to the submission.
  • Runtime Error 3021 – users can now amend the examiners report note for a set of Charities accounts.

    Company Secretarial

    • Error resolved when selecting ‘Client Type’ and ‘Place of registration’ on Client screen. Main tab for Company Secretarial when ‘Confirmation Statement’ screen is closed.

    Personal Tax

    • Updated the Dividend rate which was incorrectly showing as 38.1% to 39.35% on the Trusts RDE.
    • The NIC button is now available on the Self Employment short RDE.
    • The dividend and trust dividend rates associated with the Trusts RDE have been updated to the correct 2022/23 values ensuring the schedule and the SA302 show the same values.

    Corporation Tax

    • Fixed Invalid validation detected while checking the return when user transfers data from RDE to normal mode for research and development supplementary page. Boxes L167A and L167 were not getting populated which resulted in the following validation: ‘Box L167A must not be completed if box L167 is not completed’.

    Trust Tax

    • Removed the incorrect pre-filing validation for Trust box 21.4 when boxes 17.5 or 17.6 and 17.7 are completed.
    • When submitting a 2022 Trust Tax return, the submission now correctly generates with a 21-22 date instead of 22-23.

    Practice Manager

    • The following products can now be launched without getting an error after restoring a database in Practice Manager: PT, CT, TT.