IRIS OpenPayslips & OpenEnrol Support Articles

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Can’t upload to the IRIS Web Service error11261IRIS OpenPayslips/OpenEnrolClick Here
How do I publish payslips via IRIS OpenPayslips?11264IRIS OpenPayslips/OpenEnrolClick Here
How do I correct a payslip when I’ve already published it to OpenPayslips?11265IRIS OpenPayslips/OpenEnrolClick Here
How to publish P60’s using OpenPayslips11553IRIS Payroll Professional/EarnieClick Here
Updating Employee Details for OpenPayslips/OpenEnrol11883IRIS OpenPayslips/OpenEnrolClick Here
OpenEnrol Error: E101 Invalid Username and Password11680IRIS OpenPayslips/OpenEnrolClick Here
Publishing P60’s via OpenPayslips11873IRIS PAYE-MasterClick Here
Publish P60’s via OpenPayslips11874IRIS Payroll Business/Bureau PayrollClick Here
How to publish payslips, P60’s and pension communications11936IRIS GP PayrollClick Here
Error Publishing P45/P60 to OpenPayslips: Fatal Error Illegal Characters in Path12162IRIS Payroll Professional/EarnieClick Here

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