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IAS - End of Life for SQL 2008 and 2008R2

Our guidance on this would be not to upgrade your existing instance but to create a new instance and restore a copy of your database via a…


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IAS-71022 : IRIS Accountancy Suite Migration Guide

Before completion of the migration it is advised that you remove the licenses from the existing installation.This is so that your licenses are free on…


IRIS Business Tax

HMRC have not updated their servers to take into account the AIA increase

HMRC have changed the AIA limit to £1 Million as of 01/01/19. Unfortunately, the revenue have not updated their servers in regards to this issue.…


IRIS Business Tax

Excess management expenses carried forward box is not populating

This is due to be fixed in version 19.2.0 of IRIS. This is being caused by the management expenses incurred in the year being surrendered…


IRIS Business Tax

In a long CTAP the losses brought forward into CTAP2 are showing as negative

In order to remove the negative value which is appearing in the losses screen, please do the following: - 1. In Business Tax - select…


IRIS Business Tax

VAT Filer - Error message: It is not possible to file VAT returns for partners

It is now possible in version 19.1.0 to submit VAT returns for partnerships. This message can be bypassed.


IRIS Business Tax

Negative Values has been detected when transferring from Business Tax to Persona

You can bypass this message and click continue. It will not affect any figures in Personal Tax.


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax: CT600E boxes E30 E35 are blank/missing on tax return

This is a HMRC rule: This section no longer needs to appear on the electronic return, but this will populate on the draft return so…


IRIS Business Tax

CT600 How to stop IRIS from taxing untaxable money

Go to Business tax for the client Go to Edit in the top left hand corner Select Corporation tax computation options Tick Suppress Profits from…


IRIS Business Tax

Where does box 3.71 populate from

Go to Business Tax Go to Trades- Partnership - overwrite/leave alone- set to No Go to data entry folders located on the left hand side…