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IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- You must provide a Tax computation with the return

1.Load the client in BT and relevant period 2. Data Entry and Summary 3. On the bottom left - ensure…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- 3001 9043 Entry must agree result of Marginal Starting rate etc

3001 9043 is a HMRC restriction. 1.Load the client in BT and the relevant period 2. Go to Data Entry…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Income tax Deducted L35 must be less or equal to L30

Normally this means you have made a manual entry in Box 515 which auto populates L35 (they are linked) -…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Capital Allowances, Additions entered on fixed asset screens do not agree with total additions per trial balance.

1.If your calculations are correct in both BT and AP then please run this to suppress the warning: 2. Go…


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax, IRIS Accounts Production

PT/BT/AP - View/print report and no values show or visual issues, also if crashing/hanging

For example when you run/view a Tax comp/Annual report/Tax return on screen and you get these results a. No text/values…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Incorrect Profits on Extended Periods

There are two different issues- read both fixes 1) IRIS is aware of an issue within the latest release in…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Invalid IXBRL Computation, Input is not a valid base-64 string

This issue is a DEFECT in the software IRIS Version 23.3 and will be fixed in Version 24.1.0, which is…


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax

Business/Personal Tax submitted- HMRC confirmation receipt and email and IR Mark

When you have succesfully submitted a CT600/SA100 you should receive two items back - the Receipt and the HMRC email…


IRIS Business Tax, IRIS Personal Tax

Business/Personal Tax- Edit Agent, Invalid Folder, Com Track OR F/T box appears

When you make a edit to your agent address, agent credentials etc then a invalid folder warning and the 'Com…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- 3001 9372, 9179, 9333 (Box 285, 295 and 300)

If you get all three codes when generating then its normally caused by a incorrect entry in BT losses being…