12 Days of IRIS Christmas: “On the 10th day of Christmas, I slept peacefully at night…

By Adam Deakin | 15th December 2016 | 16 min read

...after upgrading to an OpenWebsite."

When Father Christmas’ accountant, Patrick, and his practice were in need of a website upgrade, IRIS OpenWebsite provided the perfect solution…

To find out what Red Nose & Associates Chartered Accountants wanted out of their new online home, we sat down with Patrick to discuss his options.

Red Nose have kindly allowed us to share the transcript of our conversation to give other potential users an idea of what an IRIS OpenWebsite is capable of.


IRIS Software: Hi Patrick, welcome back. Always a pleasure.

Patrick: Likewise, thanks for having me.

IRIS: You mentioned on the phone that you’re keen to improve your current website? 

Patrick: That’s correct. The one we have at the moment is becoming outdated and we feel, as a forward-thinking practice, that we need a website to match our aspirations.

IRIS: Makes sense. Do you have a design in mind?

Patrick: Well, we would like it to feature our own logo and insignia throughout, of course.

IRIS: Not a problem. That comes as standard when you sign up for an IRIS OpenWebsite.

Patrick: Perfect. Also, as users of both IRIS OpenSpace and KashFlow, we want to use the website as a portal for our clients. 

Santa: Like me.

Patrick: Like you. Wait a minute, where’d you appear from?

Santa: You know me, Patrick. I’m never too far away. 

Patrick: I didn’t see a door open…

Santa: Patrick, you should know by now that I don’t enter and exit rooms via doors. You really should give the IRIS chimney a whirl, it’s lovely and spacious, and there was barely any soot. I must remember to leave a review on 'SootAdvisor'... Their chimney sweep deserves a medal!

IRIS: Actually, chimney sweeps aren’t generally a thing any more, Santa.

Santa: Ah yes, of course. I keep forgetting.

IRIS: The chimney's largely soot-free as we don’t use it these days. Health and safety.

Patrick: What exactly are you doing here, Santa? We’re only discussing Red Nose’s new website. 

Santa: I know. That’s why I came. I’ve got lots of ideas, Patrick.

Patrick: Okay…

Santa: I was surfing the web just this morning and I realised that every time somebody opens the internet they see the same page. ‘Google’, it says. Plain white background, multi-coloured letters and a little box below it. You should do that with your new website, Patrick! Can you change his website address to www.google.co.uk, IRIS?


Santa: ...

IRIS: Oh. You were serious. We can look into it, Santa, but we can’t make any promises.

SantaThat’s a shame. What promises can you make?

IRIS: As we were saying, Patrick’s new site will integrate seamlessly with his Red Nose-branded IRIS OpenSpace and KashFlow portals, so clients can register and login directly from there. It will also include forms allowing potential customers to make an enquiry about OpenSpace. 

Santa: I see. It all sounds very exciting. How can I find out more?

IRIS: www.irisopenwebsite.co.uk has all the info you'll need, Santa.

Patrick: And when might I expect my new website to be ready?

IRIS: On average it takes 8 weeks, depending on demand. Once it’s finished, we can publish it within 48 hours and you can start reaping the benefits straight away. And support and maintenance is always on hand should you require assistance of any kind, at any time.

Santa: Fantastic. I may want to upgrade my own site in the near future…

IRIS: We’d be honoured to host it, Santa, but IRIS OpenWebsites are generally for accounting practices only.

Santa: No exceptions, not even for old St. Nick?

IRIS: Give us a call when you're ready to upgrade and we’ll see what we can do. Or just slide down our chimney, unannounced. Either way works*.


With IRIS OpenWebsite, Patrick and his practice will have an interesting and informative online presence that doesn’t divert time and energy from their business, and you could too.

Visit today to discover the possibilities:


*DISCLAIMER: This method of entry into the IRIS HQ is strictly restricted to S. Claus. Please do not attempt to enter any IRIS locations via chimneys, pipes, fireplaces or any other non-door related methods.

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