Five reasons to use IRIS Staffology

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By Conrad Emmett | 12th July 2023 | 8 min read

When it comes to cloud-powered HR, payroll and bureau software, making the right choice is everything.

Many are making this decision right now – perhaps because they hear 4 in every 5 HR teams have saved money using cloud tech, and nearly 9 in 10 think such software delivers greater control.

But, despite the hype, you can still choose the wrong cloud software for your business.

Picking the wrong software can be a costly mistake if it needs replacing, inefficient if it’s clunky and risky if it doesn’t link to other solutions.

That’s why IRIS has Staffology: an efficient, cloud-native platform that lets businesses coordinate HR and payroll operations from almost anywhere.

Let’s look at five reasons why the heart and science behind this software will make things easier for you and your people.

Reason one: IRIS Staffology is powerful software that keeps life simple

The future’s about harnessing real-time data to flag critical issues regarding wellbeing, employee engagement, productivity, hiring and compliance, while simultaneously using automation to unload the burden of admin.

All of this is in addition to being able to work from anywhere and, likewise, being able to support staff anywhere.

Sound complicated? Well, Staffology makes it easy.

Access cloud power… without the server struggles

Laura Curran, Product Marketing Business Partner at IRIS, explains: “Old server solutions are expensive, and so is their upkeep. Desktop software might take months to get up and running, and everything stops if it needs updating. With Staffology, however, you can access intuitive, powerful HR and payroll solutions in just a few minutes.”

Because Staffology lives on the web, there’s no installation – you simply sign in, and everything is ready.

Suzy Kelly from Holmwood House, a residential care and nursing home, knew they needed to change payroll software but feared what might happen if they did, recalling: “We couldn’t even imagine we would be able to move from the software we were using to try another, considering the translation of current processes, and their alignment of pay codes to the complexity of our payroll.

“But we had to take a leap of faith, trusting the team and software competencies. Seeing the results, we have not looked back since. I highly recommend Staffology cloud-based payroll to even those who fear the change most.”

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Reason two: IRIS Staffology brings everything together

If your HR software doesn’t link to your existing software suite, payroll or workforce management solutions, you have a problem.

Disconnected systems waste time, risk mistakes when re-typing data and pose security/GDPR issues if you start moving information about in spreadsheets and emails.

Staffology flips the script on these issues.

Seamlessly shared data                                                          

The HR, payroll and bureau functions of Staffology instantly share information.

For example, the maternity leave registered in HR becomes maternity pay over in payroll.

The risk of errors caused by re-inputting is greatly reduced, while data also remains safe as it moves between apps.

With the same goal in mind, Staffology also plays well with non-IRIS software, all thanks to its comprehensive API.

Laura from IRIS explains: “We don’t tie you to the rest of the IRIS ecosystem. For example, we worked side-by-side with Synel to establish a seamless link with their applications.

“This partnership gives users a link to Synel’s customisable, scalable and easy-to-use clocking in/out system that increases productivity in your organisation and reduces human resource management administration costs.

“When we all work together, every user wins.”

Reason three: IRIS Staffology automates processes

Many of us are fed up with needlessly repetitive tasks, and HR/payroll teams are no different.

Tasks such as nudging dates and details around because of new events and personnel changes are time-consuming and take focus away from the bigger picture.

But when your software isn’t intuitive, that’s the reality you face.

Rotas should be built swiftly, with staff being able to check what’s happening from a self-service app, and timesheets should be automatically sent for approval.

Well, Staffology delivers this and much more.

Problems sorted in a few clicks

Gretchen Gudopp, Head of Operations and Business Performance, Nelson Policies at Lloyds, says: “Moving from spreadsheets to IRIS Staffology has been a fantastic change for us, and we’ve saved hours as a result. When the additional bank holiday came in this year, we really saw what a difference it made having Staffology, as with just a few clicks, it was sorted for the whole company – that would have been a real headache for us before!”

Those managing payroll know the pain of repetition just as well as anyone.

Before Staffology, you might have found yourself inputting the same data every pay run.

Kevin Waller, Payroll Consultant from Your Payroll Team, explains: “Staffology has enabled me to free up a lot of time through its innovative use of automation that I have not seen in other products. Not only can I set payrolls to run automatically, but Staffology also sends out the reports and payslips for me without any intervention.”

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Reason four: IRIS Staffology grows with you

Technology keeps evolving, legislation doesn’t stop and your business keeps developing.

Change is inevitable, which is why Staffology pulls out all the stops, ensuring your software doesn’t feel like a straitjacket to your progress.

Staffology is scalable – you can start with core functions and then ramp up to more sophisticated features as and when you need them.

For instance, in Staffology HR, you can begin with features like employee self-service, the mobile app and contract records before gradually moving up to the Ultimate package, which includes organisational charts and single sign-on (SSO).

Carole Band, UK HR Director at DEKRA UK, details how aftercare and resources enable Staffology to grow with them: “We have an amazingly responsive account manager who is always there for us. We’ve added on additional modules such as Recruitment, Forms and Timesheets, making our lives much easier and saving us hours of time and administration work.”

Reason five: IRIS Staffology exists because of amazing people… including you!

Staffology was created when industry leaders asked for great software that could link to other solutions.

The software then grew with the help of the businesses that used it.

YOU are the people that help us find fantastic new ways to make life easier for everyone.

How do we do this? Staffology has a dedicated Ideas Portal, where the development team constantly talks to its users.

Laura from IRIS says: “Staffology is the embodiment of ‘you said/we did’. Take, for example, the 13 businesses that asked for department bulk uploads. You asked, and our amazing team delivered. So far, we've added 57 new features that you've requested. It's fair to say customers are an integral part of our development team.”

Cloud HR software powered by smiles

So, there we are: Staffology is easy to use, brings your software together, runs tasks like clockwork and grows with your business.

Plus, you can be confident it’s backed by a development team that listens closely to HR and payroll professionals.

It’s also easy to get started!

When you want Staffology, all you have to do is click a button, fill out a form and away you go.

However, don’t worry if you want a more bespoke offering or to query features with a team – our team also offer a quick call so you can build the right package.

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