Top payroll blogs from December

By Louise Mulgrew | 11th January 2016 | 7 min read

Here are the top blog posts for businesses that have already staged or don't stage for more than 12 months.

The 4 crucial things you must know about Holiday Pay

Holiday pay legislation has been the subject of much judicial debate recently and here are four crucial things you need to know about how to calculate and manage Holiday Pay for your employees.

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The launch of NEST Web Services within IRIS Software

IRIS Software is now live and ready with NEST Web Services, one click pension integration, further streamlining the payroll and auto enrolment process.

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Where do you stand on Holiday Pay?

Holiday pay legislation has been subject of court rulings recently, and IRIS are prepared with a flexible solution.

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Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of being an IRIS Payroll customer?

We know that small businesses face unprecedented payroll challenges with increasing rates of change in legislation. In addition to this is an expanding compliance burden, limiting the time they have to focus on business development.

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Why businesses are choosing IRIS Software

At the recent IRIS Payroll Conference, attendees were asked why it was that they chose and continue to stay with, IRIS for their payroll.

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