IRIS Keytime Accountants' Suite Spring 23.1 service pack

The Spring 2023 release service pack of Keytime Accountants’ Suite v23.1.1 is now available.

This service pack provides you with solutions to a number of issues reported since the last release.

Please note that before you can install this version, you must have installed version 23.1. To check the version, open any Keytime module, select the Help menu and select About.

If you have a version earlier than 23.1 you can download and install 23.1 from the link in this article.

Further instructions on how to install can be found in this article.

IRIS Keytime Personal Tax 

Tax legislation and annual updates

  • The latest 2023 R40 form has been updated and is now available. 
  • HMRC Specials and Exclusions for tax years 2022 and 2023 have been updated and included. 

Resolved issues 

  • It is once again possible to enter information into Box 10 of the residence questionnaire using the Rapid Data Entry screens. 
  • Losses breakdown information is once again appearing on the SA302. 

IRIS Keytime Corporation Tax

Resolved issues

  • An error is no longer presented when creating a CT600E for periods prior to 01/04/2015. 
  • The correct rate for Research and Development Expenditure Credit is now applied when calculating notional tax on periods straddling 01/04/2023. 
    • Pre-validation error “The amount in box 440 must be equal to box 430 – box 435” is no longer presented for periods straddling 01/04/2023. 
    • Marginal relief is now correctly calculated for ring fenced trades.  
    • Marginal relief is now correctly populating box 435 of the CT600