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AE Config Tool - Step 10 - Declaration of Compliance (register) for The Pensions Regulator

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AE Config Tool - Step 10 - Declaration of Compliance (register) for The Pensions Regulator
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6th April 2018
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The Declaration of Compliance is a legal requirement from The Pensions Regulator. If you do not provide the information required, you could be subject to enforcement action and receive a fine.  From this screen, click Gather payroll information to produce a report detailing most of the information required for the Declaration of Compliance.  Click Complete Declaration of Compliance (registration) to enter the necessary information.


The declaration of compliance is the legal requirement to submit information to the pension regulator about how you’ve complied with your employer duties. If you do not provide the information required you  may face enforcement action and incur a fine.

You need to provide the information to the pension regulator online.Click here for a check list of the required information.

Even if you haven’t automatically enrolled anyone you must still complete a declaration. You can start the process at any time but the earliest it can be completed is one month after your staging date.

The pension regulator has produced a video demonstration that walks you through the process:

If you are having trouble with online registration contact the DWP support team on 0845 600 1011 or email

Click on “Gather payroll information“. This will produce a report that will help you complete the declaration of compliance with the pension regulator.

Click on “Complete Declaration of Compliance (registration)“. This will open a link to the pension regulators website where you must complete the declaration. If you do not already have an account you must first register for the service.

Once you have completed the declaration on the pension regulator web site, back in your payroll software click “Mark as Complete” so the step is ticked as finished in the configuration tool.

For more details on the individual steps of the configuration tool, please follow the links below:

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Step 9 – Configure your Postponement Period

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