Innervision’s 10 Best Lease Management Stories of 2014

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By Ryan Hendrie | 19th December 2014 | 4 min read

Innervision’s 10 Best Lease Management Stories of 2014

2014 has been a great year for Innervision and not only because it saw the launch of our blogs section.

Since July, Innervision has been posting new stories and updates on lease management and the leasing industry twice a week. Filled with information from the leasing experts, we cover a broad range of topics to help solve your leasing and lease management problems. Here are some of our best and personal favourite stories for you to enjoy:

We’ve dealt with a lot of lessors and even though most of them are more than happy to help you get the best out of your lease agreements, there are the odd few that make negotiating terms a nightmare! This blog looks at some of the lessors to avoid…


We can only get so much across in these posts and we cover a great deal of topics within the leasing industry. From IFRS new lease accounting to best end of lease practice, we’ve covered a great deal of topics in our blogs. Our leasing experts have also developed e-books filled with information for a more focused look at specific leasing industry topics. The response so far is great and we are happy to keep helping solve your leasing problems with more e-papers to be released in 2015!


Not only is Innervision made up of leasing experts who specialise in all things to do lease portfolio management and lease contract negotiation, but they are also lovely people with a wealth of experience and anecdotes. This series takes a closer look at our valued team who work with our customers to help them make the savings and organise their leasing processes that make them so fond of Innervision’s services.

Innervision Launches New Automated End of Lease Process

Our specialised lease portfolio management software, LOIS has helped our customers substantially by making organising their leases and optimising processes simple. This year, LOIS was made even better with an update to the end of lease process. Based on your feedback and our own research, there are now functions and features in place on LOIS to make organising the end of lease
negotiations a walk in the park.


Leasing Horror Stories – Never-ending Lease Agreement

Working heavily with large multinationals who have thousands of leases and millions of pounds invested into these assets, we weren’t short of outrageous stories of leasing disasters. This story looks at one example where the company missed its lease notice deadline and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.


Weird Assets on Lease

To show the broad spectrum that asset leasing covers and why it’s growing as a more popular method of spreading capital expenditure and procuring the assets your company needs, we decided to take a look at some of the weirder assets out there. From rollercoasters to cows and even the Batmobile, this one is worth a read for the lighter side of leasing.


IFRS New Lease Accounting Update

2014 was big year for the IASB and FASB’s discussions on the new leasing standard. In July, the two boards reached numerous tentative decisions on some of the main topics being debated and the IASB was confident the standard will be issued in 2015. Our blog broke down the deliberations into an update that is a tad easier to digest.



Why You Need Leasing Software (Infographic)

We all love a good infographic! That’s why we took our leasing experts words of wisdom and transformed them into this visual masterpiece. From full audit trails to secure cloud based reporting, this infographic shows why lease management software should be your next investment.


5 Sources Everyone in Leasing Should Know

Surprising to some, there is a whole world of leasing journalism, statistics and other sources of news within and around the industry. Here we list some of our favourites for everything you need to know about the wonderful world of leasing and get all your industry updates.


5 Unseen Ways Companies Lose Money on their Leasing

Leasing is a growing industry and many of the huge name brands we all know and love, sign and manage new lease agreements every day. However, an alarmingly large number of these businesses also are not aware of the costly and wasteful mistakes they are making with their lease schedule negotiation and portfolio management. Luckily, they are easily rectified and avoided, as this blog highlights.




So there we have it, the best stories to help improve you lease portfolio management.

Here's to an even better 2015!
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