Has your payroll provider met the demand of COVID-19?

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By Anthony Wolny | 25th June 2020 | 9 min read

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on every business, resulting in most having to evaluate and ensure their key functions are running effectively.

One area in particular that has had a huge strain is payroll due to the introduction of furloughing, the Job Retention Scheme and remote working.

As we begin to slowly come out of lockdown and adapt to the next normal, now is the time to evaluate the service you’ve received throughout the pandemic.

Below we’ve outlined a few key areas you can use to evaluate the service you’ve received and determine whether it’s time to switch payroll providers.

1) Furloughing support

One of the most significant changes coming from COVID-19 has been furloughing and the Job Retention Scheme.

These support measures have played a huge role in reducing the number of redundancies during the pandemic, but they’ve also continuously changed making it incredibly difficult to keep up.

How has your current provider handled the ever-changing legislation - have they provided any of the following?

  • Updated functionality within the software
  • Extensive insight when contacted
  • Frequent resources on the changes

IRIS has consistently met this demand and we were also the first to market to offer specific functionality to tackle the scheme’s requirements in each of our payroll products which you can learn more about in this blog.

2) Responsiveness

There’s a good chance that with everything that’s changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve had a few burning questions.

If you’ve reached out to your payroll provider, how quickly have they responded?

The shift to remote working has been incredibly challenging for some businesses and as a direct result, their support and communications have dropped significantly.

However, IRIS has risen to the challenge of COVID-19 and quickly moved our teams home while avoiding a drop in our service.

You can check out our blog here with our Professional Services Manager, Eanna Cullen, where he delves into the measures our support team have taken to guarantee customers receive the same great service.

3) Lack of expertise

Frankly for most the combination of day-to-day payroll responsibilities and keeping up with the COVID-19 support is too much to handle.

This is where your current provider should be coming to the rescue, offering a wide array of resources and support to help you ensure compliance.

Has your current payroll provider met this need for support?

The reality for most is that everything is changing too quickly and offering support while also updating solutions isn’t possible.

But here at IRIS, we’ve been able to utilise our unmatched experience, providing ongoing support and resources throughout the entire pandemic.

We host multiple webinars each week outlining the recent changes and you can also find our support hub here which houses news and advice.

Is it time to make the switch to IRIS payroll?

Hopefully, this blog has helped you outline key areas that your payroll provider should have supported throughout the pandemic and if they haven’t, it could be time to switch payroll solutions.

Above we’ve outlined key ways IRIS has met the challenges of COVID-19 but we’re now also looking to prepare businesses for the future.

As the economic landscape begins to once again shift, it’s time for businesses to adopt the next normal and thanks to IRIS that can be significantly easier.

Our solutions offer an array of options to enable the new ways of working such as no-touch payslips, hosting functionality and you can even outsource your payroll responsibility

To find the perfect payroll solution for your business, click here to see our offerings.