The Four Steps for Accountants to Profit from Auto Enrolment

By Sam Thomas | 15th June 2016 | 13 min read

Our brand new 30-minute webinar, '4 Steps to Profit from Auto Enrolment' introduces the 4 steps accountants can take to profit from auto enrolment.

4 Steps to Profit from Auto Enrolment is specifically with accountants in mind, and begins with an introduction to the Workplace Pension Reforms in the form of automatic enrolment and the resulting changes to legislation in the UK.

Our Pre-sales Consultant, Liam Snape, will then introduce the four steps to helping your accountancy firm profit from auto enrolment through selling your services to your clients, and why you should be making auto enrolment a key part of your practice strategy.

Automatic enrolment is a great opportunity which stands before accountants, over 570,000 small and micro-sized businesses expected to stage for automatic enrolment this financial year alone. According to NEST, 74% of these likely to seek advice on the subject, there’s never been a better time to make workplace pensions part of your firm’s strategy.

Liam will then go on to discuss The Pensions Regulator’s top tips for auto enrolment compliance, as well as how IRIS can help.

He’ll introduce the IRIS AE Suite™, the industry’s leading auto enrolment solution, and provide a software demonstration. The IRIS AE Suite™ has been developed through close relationships with pension providers, The Pensions Regulator, and through customer feedback. The solution works within your IRIS payroll software and automatically manages auto enrolment assessments, pension communications as well as payslips and P60s.

IRIS OpenPayslips will also be introduced and Liam will also discuss the free Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kitbag and how it can help accountants.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Liam any questions you may have during the ever-popular Q&A session.

Sound good? Secure your place on the free webinar today. 4 Steps to Profit to Auto Enrolment begins at 11am on Tuesday 21st June, you can register using the button below.